"Have faith in the LORD your God and you will be upheld; have faith in His prophets and you will be successful." 2 Chronicles 20:20

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Here you will find information on the powerful and life changing books written by Prophet Dr. Rohan Rambally along with links to purchase them!

How to Flow in the Miraculous


This manual revolutionises the way in which you move in the realm of the miraculous, as you apply the principles which are imparted biblically. It is simple and straightforward in its practical teachings as Jesus performed the miraculous, followed by the apostles in the early church as well as present day disciples of Christ flowing in miracles now! Believers carry the same spiritual DNA of King Jesus Christ. The Divine Nature and Attributes of the spiritual code which enabled Jesus to perform signs, wonders and miracles is embedded within the believer's spiritual man. An important aspect in the kingly office in the lives of believers is authority over sickness and evil spirits, which should be implemented with "faith of God" or mountain-moving faith. Miraculous healing is achieved by precisely and accurately reproducing the instructions of Jesus Christ. Begin to experience the miraculous now in your life! God bless you richly in Jesus Mighty Name.

Angelic Intervention for Supernatural Protection


This book provides revelation and insights prophetically into the realm of the spirit. It opens the eyes of believers scripturally to the Angelic hosts at work on the earth. It is simple and straightforward in its practical approach to Angelic Intervention sited in the Old & New Testaments, as well as present day Angelic Intervention For Supernatural Protection now! This book will help believers to understand how they can co-partner with Heaven to release the angelic hosts to minister supernatural protection in every area of their lives. It will bring light and illumination to God's prophetic purposes and the role of the angels to assist believers to fulfill all that God have planned, purposed and ordained for their lives. If you want to see your life transformed, this book will encourage you to delve into the spirit world to understand these spiritual beings our Heavenly Father has placed at our disposal to accomplish God's will in our lives. Begin to experience Angelic Intervention For Supernatural Protection now in your life! God bless you richly in Jesus Name.

Angelic Intervention for Supernatural Protection - Vol. 2


Angels have played a critical role throughout history. This is exemplified both in the Old and New Testaments. It is extremely important within this time and season for the body of Christ to arise and understand clearly that they have been given divine authority to co-partner with the angels by activating them as the Lord have ordained. In this critical hour, God is calling forth an awakening and releasing divine wisdom to flood the eyes of the Church's understanding to the role of the Angelic Intervention for Supernatural Provision. Incorporated as well, is every biblical and scriptural reference that is aligned with God's Word to see the release of the invisible armies of God bringing divine provision, breakthrough, victory and answered prayers to you quickly in Jesus Name. I pray that God will open your heart and mind to see the abundance of resources heaven has available to you as the Lord propels you forward in the realm of wisdom, knowledge and understanding in the angelic. I decree God's richest blessings upon you as you read the pages of this book in Jesus Name. Amen..

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