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Just Some of What People Are Saying About Prophet Rohan Rambally

BARRY GOSINE on May 12, 2012 wrote:

Good night and Greeting in the Name of Jesus!
I Barry S. Gosine write you not only as a Prophet but a bond servant off Jesus who is the Christ, by whom I move and have my being! for it is Him who existed from the beginning, whom I have seen with my own eyes, whom I have gazed upon and whom I have touch with my own hands. Its is by Him I was summon and called to bear witness to the Light which existed with the Father from the beginning. God's mercy heart peace and blessing be unto you prophet Rohan
I write to you as you have call for me to speak this testimony into light. I was ten years off age still attending Orange valley government school, at that time prophet Rohan would travel and do ministry. One day the Prophet came to minister to the pupils that was sit the common entrance exam, the school was based in a Hindu populated area so the prophet ministered extensively about Jesus one of the student exclaimed 'can you turn water into wine?' at that point the prophet replied 'can someone get me a glass of water!' On getting the glass off water he lifted the glass of water and say some words. At that time I did't know what he was doing because I was also a Hindu and not a believer in Christ! When he was through the water which was transparent turn grape in color! Some off the students was brave to go and also taste it and to our amazement it was liken to grape juice! like that which is served at communion.
That was the first experience of Christ power in my life. However it will be some time later that I give my life to Jesus and became a believer.
Praise be to God! In conclusion know this that if anyone steadfastly believes in Jesus Christ he will himself 'be able to do the thing that I do; and he will do even do greater things than these, because I go to the Father' (John 14:12).
May God bless you prophet Rohan!

Testimony from February 2010: My name is Hannah and I can say like the Psalmist that I’ve been through fire and water, but only  through the mercy and miraculous healing powers of God, I came out in a healthy and wealthy place. My journey of life has never been easy, however it was the beautiful grace of the Most High that kept me.

In the year 2008, my family members started to notice a decline in my weight. I, however, was blinded to this fact and did not observe the difference. Later that year, when the new semester of high school commenced, my peers were startled at my appearance. From a perfectly healthy weight of 105 lbs, my weight significantly dropped to 88 lbs. My mother would pray and cry, and beg of me to gain a few pounds for my appearance was beginning to scare her. Despite the confrontations of teachers, peers, family members and others, I felt beautiful internally (although this was not the case as I was mere skin and bones). There was a constant voice inside my head constantly telling me that others were jealous of me, and I still had more weight to loose. Today I know that that voice was not mine, but the voice of the enemy, trying to scuff out my very life and eventually condemn me to a lost eternity.

 It was May 24, 2009, my nineteenth birthday, when a few friends and family members had gathered to commemorate the event. While meeting and greeting everyone, I noticed that my hands and feet were beginning to swell uncontrollably. Upon noticing this, I fell to the floor in the midst of the activities, unconscious. At that moment, I felt myself travelling through a dark tunnel but I can still hear the screams and cries of my mother and others around. Upon arriving to the emergency ward, I resuscitated. On that night I was diagnosed as anorexic and bulimic, weighing a mere 78 lbs. Unknowing to my mother, I had been ingesting prescription weight loss tablets, of which the intake was 1 per day, and I would ingest 3 and 6 per day. At nights, I would feel my heart racing uncontrollably, expecting it to crash at any moment, experiencing dark spells and dizziness. My aunts and family pastors would pray and wage war for me, and I would feel better; but, the next day, the dark voice in my head would urge me that I still had more weight to loose. From a beautiful, healthy, warm and pleasant girl, I became ill, bitter and easily angry. Prior to this ordeal, I had never visited a doctor’s office except for yearly check-ups, however, I became a weekly, sometimes daily patient. The enemy was trying to plague me with constant fear and infirmity.

In the latter part of 2009, my mother returned home very late one night; her face glowing upon her arrival. She beckoned my brother and I to come listen to a powerful prophecy that was captured on CD. It was on this night, that I felt the forces of darkness begin to recede and a peace that passed every understanding flooded my soul. The voice on the CD called out to me and said that the enemy had my life on a string (like that of a rubber band), ready to burst at anytime. A prophecy went forth that I will rise up and travel to the nations of the world and that others would come to know Christ through my testimony. Prophet Rohan Rambally had never seen me prior to this prophecy, yet, he was able to describe my physical appearance extremely precise. At that point in my life, I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the Lord loves me and cares for me, so much more than I could even comprehend. Tears of gratitude poured from my eyes that night, and I felt light, as though all of my burdens were lifted, never to return again. That night, marked the beginning of a new life for me. With much courage, faith and determination, I embarked on a new walk with the Lord. From a scary 78 lbs, I sprouted straight up to healthy 95 lbs, never returning to prescription drugs or drastic eating measures.

On Tuesday 9th February 2010, my family and I had visited the Prayer Command Centre. Naturally, I cannot explain that night. Words cannot fathom that experience of the outpour of the Holy Spirit. I felt as if I was in the Holy of Holies, where I had a face-to-face meeting with God, Himself. Another prophecy had been spoken into my life that night and on that very week, I received manifestations of that prophetic word. I was scheduled to undergo a CT scan the next day, for the pains I had been getting on my lower back and tummy area.  Prophet Rambally spoke into my ear that night, and said to me that I am already healed. A prayer cloth was given to me to wear at all times and so I did. After I left the Prayer Command Centre that night, until this very moment, I have not experienced a trace of discomfort in those areas. The CT scan results came back perfectly, showing a clean bill of health. Today, I live for Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. His steadfast love never ceases and His mercies and loving kindness towards us are new every morning. I’m ever grateful to the Most High, for having met with Prophet Rambally, a true, mighty Prophet after God’s own heart. To God be the Glory, Great things He has done!


From: Dr. Holly Anne Nickerson

When my mother was pregnant with me she took a drug (DEC) that gave me cancer. From 13 years old, I have had extensive cancer treatment and testing. Over the years I have had stage 1 and stage 3 cancer with two operations. With the last operation, I thought I was through with cancer. This fall, the doctor was upset that I had not had any screening for cancer in 13 years. I found out that DEC daughters can continue to get cancer and it grows quickly once it comes back. So I was very upset and scared for many months this past fall.

Through this time Rohan, my spiritual father, has been praying for me with the intercessors. On December 22nd I found out that after 13 years of no screening; I have no CANCER!!!!!!!

God is awesome!!!!!  Thank you for praying for me!!! May God continue to bless each and every one of you this 2009!!!

Dr. Holly Anne Nickerson

Read Anthony Worrell's testimony entitled X-Convict.


Testimony of Tullaram Karachand of Blairmont village, Berbice, Guyana (November 2008)

On the 8th of March 2008, I was involved in accident on the road to Berbice. I had multiple skull fractures. My forehead was ruptured leaving an indentation of about 3“ wide and 5“ in depth. I was unconscious in the hospital for three days and required immediate surgery.

After two months, I underwent a second surgery to fill up the gap in the forehead. Three weeks after, it became infected and was dripping a yellowish fluid (inflammation) which became very dangerous to my brain. I was advised to take a third surgery in Trinidad at the Community Hospital by a specialist, a neurosurgeon. The cost of this surgery amounted to $10,500 US but because of the present situation, I had only $7,000 US.

By faith, my brother and I traveled to Trinidad to make an appointment with the neurosurgeon to go ahead with the operation. We were able to get the operation on the 8th September 2008 with the first payment of $7,000 US without knowing where the remaining $3,500 US would come from. My brother tried very  hard to connect to various people to help but not much happened. My brother became very frustrated and we were about to give up.

Then, in the moment when we needed God the most, he was able to help my brother through contact with the Prayer Command Centre headed by Prophet Rohan Rambally. We prayed to God to intervene and God did.

Within a short time I was revived and strengthened by God and God provided all the remaining funds to pay off for the surgery. After only 10 hours, I was able to sit up and eat food normally without difficulty. I want to give God the glory and the honor for indeed he works in miraculous way. Thanks for all those who prayed, contributed financially and encouraged us during this time.


Dear Prophet Rohan,

Here is the promised testimony which shows miracles happened when you were obedient to God and allowed him to use you to prophecy for me. Please share this with others so that they might gain faith and become free also! These truly happened after my contact with you and the Word of God went forth in prayer and song.

We have had a very difficult two years economically and only through the Hand of God are we still in a home and can afford to eat. A serious, desperate situation!

Two years ago my husband, Don was fired from a company he'd been with for 9 yrs. where he made excellent money. We lost our insurance and we were pretty sad but knew God would do something better. For a long time he tried different jobs, low pay, very bad bosses who were abusive even though Don was someone with experience, excellent work ethic, never sick, always on time.

After my first prophecy through Rohan, my husband was approached by another transport driver who said that his company could use someone like Don with his expertise and he gave Don a business card.

Don decided to stop working for the abusive man. Don wasted no time in looking for a new job, but nothing came through. Don was getting truly discouraged in his job search. Nobody wanted to hire a man who was going to turn 62. Don decided he'd better walk by faith and call the company on the card. They were delighted at his long term experience and excellent references (from the same people who'd been terrible to him, they had to admit what that he was an excellent worker!)

The new company paid his transportation to a school, paid his expense and even paid him to go to school! Just 3 days into the school the instructor told Don that he could just get in a semi and go to work. No need for further schooling. Praise the Lord! Don was able to start making money right away!

Needless to say we've started to get an income again that is helping us get caught up! Praise the Lord!

The Lord sent someone to help us at the 11th hour with money to make sure our home was not foreclosed on. We literally had just hours before that would have happened! PRAISE THE LORD!

I've have for many years anguished because of deep pain in my legs. The Dr. would not give me pain pills that would help. Wine became the only way to help the pain. I hated wine but it was that or nothing for pain.

After your prayer/prophecy in which I heard the Lord say “that something I'd been struggling with the Lord was going to take care of", I had HOPE! I just KNEW it was the wine issue the Lord was going to remove. One morning a few weeks ago I woke up and I knew. No more wine. I was FREE, totally free... just like it says in II Corinthians 3:17!!

I can't wait to testify what the Lord does about this situation! The Lord is not through! Everyday I am feeling better emotionally, physically and even more so spiritually, which is the most important!

I've also lost 20 lbs without trying and hope to become the size I was 10 yrs ago which was healthy and I felt better about myself. The encouragement I have felt from the Lord since the first time Rohan prayed for me is phenomenal! Everyday I look at the scale in amazement; I lose more weight, at least 6-8 ounces daily now.

The Lord led me to rent out two of our four bedrooms to help with income. I live here alone since Don travels the USA and was happy that there was a little extra money and the renters were kind and polite.

Well, it wasn't long and the Lord revealed (though the two men tried to keep it hidden) that one was drug addicted and the other whiskey addicted! I let them know they would have to leave immediately. I held their hands; I prayed with them and expected that God will change their lives. "J", the cocaine addicted man had tears; he so wanted to believe he could be free of the horrible addiction.

One night Rohan was led to give me a call. He sang, he prayed and the Holy Spirit moved like I've never experienced! It was absolutely beautiful! The flow of the Holy Spirit was magnificent at the very least! John 15: 11 was what I experienced. I cannot even correctly describe it!!

The next morning... JOY HAD FILLED ME!! I laughed every time I thought about it happening...I would giggle and not be able to stop. Oh Lord, I thank you! Day after day this would occur again. My sleep experience was like being in heaven all night. I had no idea what happened really but I can say it was God, it was heavenly and the Holy Spirit was and is here with me!! My sleep time was so anointed I didn't want to wake up. The world does not have what my Lord Jesus has!

You cannot understand this until you experience it. I pray all have a chance to experience this miracle which you cannot buy, cannot make or even imagine until you experience it. I have had the privilege of being prayed for and the Lord working through Rohan.

I encourage you all to seek the Lord and ask God to choose you to support this ministry in whatever
way you are led to. Pray for the safety and provision for this Prophet Rohan who is so diligent, filled with God's anointing and who sacrifices (he is also a teacher) to be able to take time and money to minister to those in need!

Absolutely nothing but blessing can come from it.

Keep your eyes on the Lord, your prayer on those God brings you to and you will be blessed!

In His Love, Lynn Marie (Moen) Collver
Wildwood, Florida (September 2008)


In July (2007), I attended Rohan's Services in Waterloo, Iowa. He called me out and prayed over me. He returned in August and I went forward asking him to pray for my healing. You see, for the past three and a half years I have had artificial bile ducts placed in my liver every 90 days. I have had many episodes of blood infections and illness. 

In fact at the time he prayed for me, I was just coming off an episode of e-coli and still had the pic line in my arm receiving daily antibiotic treatments. I have been told by doctors at the University hospitals that the artificial bile ducts are most likely temporary for the long term. Dr. James Peterson is my
local medical doctor. He is able to confirm every word I am writing to you. He is also aware of the fact that I have believed all along that my body would be healed. 

Well, on October 15th I returned to Iowa City to have the bile duct stents in my liver changed. For
the first time in over three years it began draining on its own. That is one month today that I have been
healed. Praise God!!! I have believed in healing for some time even though my family was very doubtful. I think just knowing that I could join in that belief with other believers made it possible to touch the hem of His garment. (I felt like the woman with the issue of blood that is told about in scripture.) 

I wanted you to know I believe I was healed at IHOPE. I know God has a lot for me to do. Being sick only slows me down. Besides what kind of witness am I if I am wimpy and sickly Christian. He is raising up an army of believers who must be strong not only in spirit but also in body. Thank you, Rohan.

Sincerely, Judie Raymond
November 15, 2007

Prophet Rohan Rambally,

On Sunday (9/9/07), you prayed for my neck that had five crushed disc in it. I could not move my neck to look over either shoulder to look behind me. I would get my grandchildren to tell me if something was coming out before I would pull out in traffic. 

Praise God, Praise God, that is no longer the case. I have full movement of my neck. Before, if I laid my head back too far I would get very dizzy or pass out. That is no longer the case. When we were talking on the phone the other day about it the presence of the Lord was so sweet that all I could do was begin to twirl on my porch and dance and pray to my precious Heavenly Father. What a wonderful healing God we serve. I feel like I have been plugged into an electrified plug. 

If I had chosen to have had the surgery on my neck it would have been so wrong, God did Holy surgery on me in seconds. Praise God, Praise God.

We serve a miraculous God that loves us and cares for about everything about us. I cannot wait to hear what God does next in your ministry. 
Linda Mosley

Hi Rohan!

Blessings on you and Haeme - hope all is well!

I wanted you to know that the Lord has healed my stomach!!!!!!!!! You said that in 2 weeks I would be able to eat anything and so I am now eating yogurt - and loving it!!! Everything is functioning normally. I am eternally grateful that you took the time to pray with me.

Blessings - Susan from Cedar Falls (August 2007)

Dear Brother Rohan,

I was at your conference at the IHOPE Ctr. in Waterloo, Iowa in July and in August. You prayed for and prophesied over me. 

I wanted you to know that you and Dr. Peters' son, and several others prayed for me on Thurs. night, Aug. 9th. I asked for prayer for my stomach, shoulder, and neck to be healed. I have received healing for my neck, and I wanted to let you know!!

I was getting up regularly in the morning with pain in my neck that also caused head-aches, and a lot of discomfort thru-out the day. Since the night you all prayed for me, I have not had any pain in my neck!! I can even sleep long hours again and not have any pain, where before I could only sleep 5 hrs or so in order not to wake up with the pain; plus I had to sleep on 3 pillows as well. Now, I don't need them either. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you so much for your ministry and your dedicated work for the Lord. 

Thank you for your prayers. I am keeping you and your ministry in prayer as well. God bless you and yours very much!!! 

Your Sister in Christ Jesus,


From: Pastors Dale & Nisha Gajadharsingh. (Missionaries to Guyana from Trinidad & Tobago)


     TESTIMONIALS FROM GUYANA     (2005 - 2007)


It has been three years since we have been in Guyana and we have seen the mighty move of the Spirit of God in this Land. This Land that was under the Dominion of Darkness has begun to receive the LIGHT of GOD. The Five Fold Ministries has received regeneration through a personal touch by God Almighty. Christ is now being proclaimed nation wide as the Lord of Guyana. His Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and Teachers that have been sent to revive and stir the remnant of the Church here are fulfilling Word of Prophecy to this Nation that was given over 35 years ago.

 One of the these mighty men of GOD comes from Trinidad, Prophet Rohan Rambally along with the Prayer Command Centre, has caught the vision to work and enable the Body of Believers of Christ (the Church) through Prophetic Meetings and Anointing. This has enabled the Leadership as well as the Local Church in Berbice, Guyana to begin to fulfill their purpose in GOD.


We have personally received Prophet Rohan into our Lives and Our Ministry here; he was the first to speak FORTH the Word of GOD about us as Missionaries to South America and more specifically Guyana.


Since being in Guyana, Prophet Rohan has visited us three times and has been a blessing to us and the Churches by contributions to the needy and the forsaken in this region. His contribution here through Ministry has been very tangible in that over 90 families in Berbice the eastern part of Guyana have been touched. He has ministered spiritually to Pastors and Leaders, who have felt the burden of being ALL ALONE. Through Prophetic WORD in their Situations, many have been able to move into a new level with, in and by the SPIRIT of GOD that has enhanced their position in Ministry. Every one that has met with Prophet Rohan has been blessed by his ministering WORD and ministry to speak prophetically into their Lives.


Young Men and Women, even Children have received the anointing WORD upon their LIVES and are now walking daily with GOD in a closer relationship so as to realize the fulfillment of GOD's Purpose as declared through Prophecy.


HERE ARE SOME TESTIMONIES of the Mighty WORD of GOD becoming Reality in their LIVES.



 1) Young couple who lost their first child in 2005 received Prophetic Word of a child for 2006......... A BABY GIRL WAS BORN TO THEM IN MID 2006.         


2) A former Business man who experienced Bankruptcy in 2002 received Prophetic Word of restoration by GOD because of his FAITH........ Today, he has traveled to French Guiana and his business has begun to flourish and expand.


3) Our daughter Jennifer was prophesied to that she would get receive TOP HONOURS in 2005.......... In 2006, she wrote her C.E. examinations and received TOP marks and ENTRANCE to a Prestige School after just studying in the curriculum of a strange land for 1 year.


4) A young assistant Pastor received Prophetic Anointing and the Imparting of the Prophetic Mantle of Rohan....... Today, the Lord has increased the Gift of Prophecy upon his Life and promoted him to Pastor of the Church.


5) A prophetic WORD of Increase was given to a Pastor who was involved in a Building Project......... TODAY, he has RECEIVED that increase and it has been a Blessing to his Ministry.




Dale, Nisha, Jennifer & Jenelle Gajadharsingh

Dear Rohan,

 It has been several weeks  since you ministered at Frank and Robin Willamson's Church in Ft Walton Beach, Florida (April, 2007). 
It has been a couple of years since I have seen and experienced that level of personal prophetic ministry you represented at our church.  "Thank you" for your ministry, your service to our church... and the blessing you were to the local body of believers at Grace Covenant... probably much, much, more than you know.
 My daughter and I thank you, as you encouraged us greatly to follow after Jesus.  
 In Jesus' mighty name,
  Pat & Virginia Barker



In the fall of 2003, a mutual acquaintance asked Rohan if he would consider seeking the Lord for insight into my situation and praying for me -- even though we had never met. After seeking the Lord, he agreed. He knew nothing about my need for (a) healing from prostate cancer, (b) release from a 10- month period of unemployment and (c) my wife's need to be released from fear and anxiety.  

   After listening to a recording of our prayer time, I realized Rohan had been given unique prophetic insights and scripture verses regarding the needs listed above as well as others not mentioned here. For example, while we were praying, he said "Seven months from today, you will see a restoration beginning to spring forth, says God. God is going to bless
you greatly in the next seven weeks". He was correct in both cases.     

   Seven months from the date we prayed, I was relocated into a new job and a new home. Prior to that, within seven weeks of praying with Rohan, it was confirmed that I should walk in faith for healing from a very serious case of prostate cancer. According to a very fine physician, it required immediate surgery to prevent it from spreading throughout my body.  


I am still alive today because the Lord has protected me. But Rohan's  prophetic insight began to take on new meaning and was a great encouragement when I realized what was happening seven weeks later.  This experienced was confirmed once more during the summer of 2006 when he prophesied another event that was to occur in my life later in the year. And I see evidence of that beginning to unfold now also.

More could be said about things Rohan has prophesied over my wife and I since the fall of 2003. But it is important to state that Rohan and God's
army of praying people in Trinidad have proved themselves faithful to
carry out the Lord's mandate for prophetic, intercessory prayer. If they
say they will pray for a situation, it will be done. 

   Rohan is also a willing student of the prophetic anointing over his young life. The Trinidad intercessors are committed to covering him with prayer. They have also been faithful to fast and pray for me during these past three years. They have been an inspiration to me and helped me rise to a new level of faith and commitment to prayer in my own life. And if you ever request prayer from the Trinidad intercessors, please make sure you follow up with a summary of what God is doing in your life. They need to be edified in their important work.

Richard Huston
Lenexa, Kansas   USA
Date:  01/02/07

A poem written by a friend in Destin, Florida while she was in Jerusalem. It blessed my heart and I trust it will yours.

November 2006

Prophet Rohan, as I choose to call Him, has been declared to be a prophet of God, called to release the Word of God to His people.

This statement indeed is true. My first encounter with Rohan occurred in August 2002, at a tent crusade held by the Waverley Cot New Testament Church of God, in Barbados. I remember distinctly that the crusade was a national effort, which saw many of the churches supporting the sessions, which lasted approximately one week.

I clearly remember Prophet Rohanís arrival for that awesome week. At first he seemed like the normal preacher. However, as the nights went on, this dynamic man of God, who has been truly filled with a love for God foremost which he passes on to each and every person he meets, was able to reach the people in such a way, which saw them coming back night after night in their numbers, hungry for more of God.

Indeed the night in question proved a night of transformation, as Prophet Rohan taught the congregation how to openly agree by faith as people prayed. He spoke of many of his travels in which God healed persons, of fasting and praying for Godís divine breakthrough in situations and of the warring in the spirit world, which many of us are yet to fully understand. He spoke directly to the nation of Barbados, telling Godís people not to neglect prayer, which may seem obvious to some, but which was and is still necessary if members of the church are to overcome trials and temptations and see Godís mighty hand at work. However, what stands out most in my mind was the time taken by Rohan to deliver many prophetic words to the people. Mind you, Rohan says what he has to say, without compromise or favor.

How could one man out of Trinidad, know about my desire to work with and impact youth? How could he know of my struggles in youth leadership, the pain and the toil and the desire to do more, having only seen me that night? How could this preacher come to reveal some of the most intimates of the heart, that were only shared with God above, in a matter of minutes. How could his prophetic revelations for the future, be so spot on? Indeed, this was not only the case for myself, but for many of the other sisters and brothers who were prophesied upon. He knew of Ministry in song, of success in studies at University, and much more yet to come to pass. He reminded persons to not only believe his words, but to watch for the coming to pass of the prophecy, which would be the ideal proof according to scripture, that God indeed was speaking. He also found the energy after the service, to sit with many young children, who literally surrounded him, eager to hear more spiritual and practical stuff.

The entire place was filled with a warmth and a move, only truly characteristic of the move of Godís Holy Spirit and the proof came as many were slain in the Spirit, spoke in tongues, and as many ďnot yet savedĒ youth, came at first as onlookers, only to meet with the presence of God themselves. Now that was truly amazing!

Prophet Rohan returned to Barbados additional times and each time he had a word for the people, be it one to ďpull up your socks and get back to God,Ē or to keep pressing on. Each time, he was able to reveal something additional, like a new ministry in dance in my case, without a word being uttered and he was indeed correct. I have witnessed several of his prophecies come to pass, such as my work with youth continuing, success being granted by God for me in my studies at the University of the West Indies, an active dance ministry, which, in conjunction with a drama group out of the Christian fellowship of the UWII, reached out in ministry to close to 500 persons in September 2006, with approximately 12-15 souls coming forward to renew their commitment to Christ, or giving over their life to Him.

As each revelation comes to pass, I remember the words of the Prophet, and my strength is renewed as I feel God at work. 

Be Blessed
Regine/ Bsc. (Hons)

"On Tuesday night, June 6, 2006, at the end of Rohan Ramballyís Prophecy Conference, I went for healing which Rohan offered to everyone. When Rohan touched me, I was overcome by the power of God and immediately my spine was healed and I became warm before I hit the floor!  For about a year, it had felt as though three vertebrae were fused together. I am praising God!

But that wasn't all God had in His store of miracles for me. Thursday night Rohan prophesied over me. Among other right-on-target things, he said my heart would be repaired/healed. Ten years ago I had a near heart attack and I have felt "not normal" ever since. The next morning, I purposefully paid attention to my heart to see how it was doing. I felt the usual "sloshing around" I had come to accept as normal.  About an hour later, I noticed my heart again. The sloshing was gone!  Not only that, it has stayed gone!  My heart is now in great shape!
I thank God for sparing my life and for healing me.  Having experienced these miracles, I am even more in awe of Godís love for His children. I am also grateful to Rohan and the House of Prayer for being vessels God can work through.  Thank you so much!"
God bless,
Margaret Shontz, Cedar Falls, IA


In 1999 we went to Trinidad and a friend of ours took us to see prophet Rohan Rambally. He prophesied that we would have a son as we were trying to have a baby. We held on to the word of God. The enemy came many, many times to discourage us. There were times when I would see my friends who were pregnant and I would cry and cry because it seemed like nothing was happening.


That prophesy took seven (7) years to fulfill and came in the ninth (9) year of our marriage. I was shock when the doctor told me I was pregnant because only in January of this year I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome.

 With this type of disease women find it extremely difficult if at all to get pregnant. I had an ultra sound done and that showed me how the eggs were dying around my ovaries and if this continues I would not be able to have a child.


 Well I took my dead womb to God and he touched it and caused it to come alive and by April I was told I was 6wks pregnant. But the enemy did stop there.

 The doctor told me there was a possibility I could lose the baby the time I reached 16 wks in the pregnancy. I prayed and I declared the word of God over his life when I reached 13 wks in the pregnancy I began to bleed and was told to elevate my feet.

 I remembered a dream I had of a baby boy I had and his name was Nathanael and I began to research the name to find out the meaning. The meaning of Nathanael is ĎGOD HAS GIVENí. Upon knowing that I rebuked the devil and by the next day the bleeding stopped.


            By Godís grace I gave birth to handsome baby boy: Nathanael Joshua Joel, I give God Almighty all the honour, glory, power and praise in Jesus Name.

I encourage everyone who receives a prophetic word to war with the word until you see a fulfillment of the word in the earth realm.


God Bless You,

Charmaine Shepherd,

St. Michaelís Parish, Barbados.



How can I introduce you to my friend and brother in Christ? Rohan has been such a blessing to my life in ways that I canít really express. We were not always friends but I guess it was by Godís will and timing we met.  

I was looking for some sort of direction in my Christian walk, and through some events that took place I came to know Rohan. I was reading a passage of scripture one day and it touched my spirit for some reason. I sensed that this was the person that God was calling me to, but I was uncertain.  However I did not mention these feeling to anyone. About two weeks after Rohan prayed for me and his word was the exact word that ministered to me a few weeks before.  

Within a matter of months Rohanís words started to come true in my life exactly the way he said to me. Up to this day I can see some of the things spoken over me coming to pass. I must be honest about this there were some things which Rohan prophesied over my life that I wish would not come about, the trials and the testing I would have to endure to get to the place where God can fully use me. But sure enough these are all being revealed in my life, so far all that was spoken has been true, which in some strange sense gives me the courage to continue as I know that the words of blessing spoken are coming right around the corner




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Prophet ROHAN RAMBALLY: Teacher-educator, Godís true and obedient servant.


I have had the privilege of being a close friend and co-worker of Prophet Rambally at the Couva Junior Secondary School where we both work. Our friendship has blossomed over the period 2000-2006 to the point where he is like a member of my family.


Through these years I have seen the sick healed and miracles take place as well as prophecies fulfilled both at home and abroad. He has traveled intensely over the past four years to Canada, Guyana, Barbados, United States and England. He recently graduated with 1st Class Honors in Mathematics, Computing and Statistics from the University Of London.


Prophet Rambally is the head of the Prayer Command Centre at his home in Perseverance Village, Couva where we gather every Thursday evening from 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. This is a time of Praise and worship and intense intercession for the nations of the world. It is here that prayers are answered and the testimonies are recorded on a weekly basis.


Despite the responsibilities of being a full time teacher, he has made time to assist those in need both physically and spiritually. Through the Prayer Command Centre he has been able to touch the lives of orphans, the widows, the sick at the hospital and the prison. He is always a phone call away whenever there is need for prayer and an encouraging word. Prophet Rohan Rambally has stood by my side even more since the death of my daughter on March 12th. 2005.He was always there to comfort and to pray so that the pain could ease. Prophet Rohan Rambally has truly been a blessing to my family.


Ms. Vashti Bissesssar

B.A., Diploma in Education, Certificate in Management and Leadership in School

Guyana/Trinidad Missionary Trip with Prophet Rohan Rambally and Mike Peters, Director of the IHOPE Ministry, Waterloo, Iowa.

          God did many wonderful things on my trip to Guyana and Trinidad from July 30 to August 9th, 2006.  At the invitation of several pastors, Rohan Rambally (a prophet from Trinidad) and myself 
traveled to Guyana for 4 days to speak in several churches.
          We flew by private plane into the interior of the country and landed on a dirt airstrip next to a sugar cane factory.  Our hosts were missionaries in Guyana and treated us with much kindness and 
hospitality.  The people of Guyana were also very warm and gracious and the nation of Guyana has much natural beauty.
          Rohan and I would take turns preaching and then we both would pray for the sick.  Two people received salvation in Jesus Christ, numerous people were healed by the power of God and many people received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
          One woman had suffered from hemorrhaging from her uterus and after receiving prayer was instantly healed by the power of God.  Another woman who had been unable to eat for several days was instantly healed by God of her stomach condition and was able to eat that day.  Many other people were healed of back pain and other painful conditions.  The pastors all received prophetic ministry and were greatly blessed.
           There was a real spirit of unity and cooperation as several churches came together to put on the meetings.  I was able to meet with some key leaders in the country and share with them about the 
House of Prayer (HOP).  As a result, these leaders will be establishing a HOP in Guyana.  I then flew to Trinidad and was able to share the Gospel with a teenage Hindu boy on the plane.  In Trinidad, 
I preached on 4 separate occasions and the power of God was manifested each meeting.  Many people were healed by the Lord and many received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
           One woman had seen her physician 2 weeks prior to my coming and the physician had recommended surgery on her knees.  After receiving prayer the woman was pain free in both knees and then went to see her physician the next day.  The physician told her that she no longer needed the knee surgery.  Praise the Lord!  Another woman testified of a healing in her stomach and abdomen.  One woman had shoulder and arm pain that the Lord instantly healed after prayer.  Several others were healed of back pain or hip pain.
            I challenged the people to go deeper in their relationship with the Lord.  I also encouraged them to deepen their prayer life and to evangelize more frequently.  I was able to meet with some key 
leaders to share about the HOP and they indicated the desire to begin a HOP in Trinidad. Connections were also made to be on national radio in Trinidad next year.

My time in Trinidad and Guyana was a wonderful blessing from the Lord, and I am planning to return to both countries in the future.  To God be the glory.

Your friend in Christ,
    Michael Peters

I am writing this account about Rohan Rambally. In the time that I have known Rohan he has been a dedicated Man Of God. I have worked together with him for a number of years and he has proven to be a man of integrity, obedience and extreme compassion. He is quite involved together with Morris Cerullo Ministries. In the local church, he is hard-working, faithful and trustworthy. He is the leader of a prayer command centre, where intense prayer takes place for the nations, locally, regionally and internationally. 
I admire Rohan for his kindness and readiness to always give to the needy orphans, widows and to the poor for the furtherance of the Gospel. He operates in the prophetic gifting and his accuracy is impeccable. He is a School Teacher and is well liked by his students. He indeed has a heart for the Lord and has a pure Christian walk with the Lord, who finds himself in no slackness. He makes time to listen to the people and their problems and his door is always open to everyone of every creed and race.
With these attributes in mind I would like to recommend Rohan, because I feel he is a man of vision and has a Word in this end time hour for the nations of this world.
Sincerely:  Jessica Soman  (Ordained Pastor /Teacher)
                  Diploma In Theological Studies
                      Miracle Ministries - Chase village -- Trinidad, West Indies

Who is Rohan Rambally?

I have known Rohan all of my life, he was born in a Hindu home, where he was a very devout Hindu. After having given his heart and life to Jesus Christ, Rohan continued serving Christ with the same zeal and passion. I believe that this was one of the main reasons, the Lord decided to use Rohan the way he chose.

Rohan is a very selfless person, who always put others in front of him; he is all about doing the Fatherís Business, just like Jesus. Rohanís will is to do the will of the Father and to finish it. Rohan is a Qualified (First Class Honors Degree) Secondary School Teacher by Profession in Trinidad and Tobago. Almost all of Rohanís earnings is invested back into the kingdom of God, ranging from Giving to the Orphanages, Widows, Fatherless and Motherless, just to name a few. His focus on the Lord Jesus in making the Lord, the Centre of his life is admirable.

I am yet to see another young man who is so yielding to the Holy Spirit, and is so, very much in LOVE with the Lord Jesus Christ. Rohan is sold out for the Lord. Because the Lord is using Rohan in the Prophetic, there are many times, that people may miss-interpret him and his Ministry, but thatís not this MAN OF GODíS fault, rather it is simply the Lord at work in his life.

Many times the Enemy (That Lying Devil) will try to wrongly and falsely blame and accuse, Prophet Rohan, all because, throughout scripture, it is evident, that the Devil will try to do all in his power to shut up the Prophetic Voice on the Earth; just as he tried to shut up Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

I have had the pleasure of working together with Prophet Rohan many times in TEAM Ministry, where he has demonstrated Christ Like Humility. Some of the Countries we ministered together were Barbados, New York and St. Lucia just to name a few. I have seen so many miracles and healings under this Prophetís Ministry, that all I can say, is Praise the Lord Jesus for using him the way he choose. The accuracy of the prophecies are unbelievable, it could only be the SPIRIT of the LORD in his life, speaking through him.

I remembered this particular time, when a young teenager in Trinidad was kidnapped and a ransom demanded by his abductors, Prophet Rohan went to the parents home to pray, and prophesied, to the grieving family, that their son was going to be released in seven days. God never lies, you better believe it, on the seventh day, the young man was released un-harmed by his abductors. TO GOD BE THE GLORYÖ

Thank God for Raising up Prophets, Apostles, Pastors, Teachers, Missionaries for such a time as thisÖ


 Respectfully:     Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

                            Pastor Daren Rambally

                            Deliverance Tabernacle Ministry

                            4th Street New Settlement Dow Village

                            California   Trinidad and Tobago

                            West Indies




Four years ago, Rohan Rambally came to Cedar Falls, Iowa for a conference on prophecy and healing. I had been called to prayer many years before for the Cedar Valley area and beyond. His presence in Cedar Valley was needed. There were women that got together to pray for their families, but it was hard to find men who truly believed in or were dedicated to the power of prayer. I had been in many prayer groups in the past. The Holy Spirit has always been key to a successful prayer group. Also, the word of God is vital. Love has to be the motivating factor. Fear, perfect words, and power never carry accuracy. 

   Rohan exhibits all these positive qualities. I appreciate that he does not assume that he knows it all. He carefully shares with people he prays with, and does ask for advice and accepts opinions of others. This is also key to being used as a true prophet of the Lord- humility. He is always asking for Godís will. I love how he uses scriptures continually. Godís voice is in the scriptures. Claiming the Word of God has proven to be effective, powerful, sharper than any two edged sword. Many prophets teach about the words they have understood to be of God. Rohan teaches how to serve in the prophetic by claiming the Word of God only. He does not ask for money and the gift of giving is upon him as well.  His prayers and fasting have taught me how to be diligent to the end, my friend calls him a pit bull prayer warrior. His prophetic gifting has blessed so many of my friends and their families. 

   Personally, he has prayed and fasted for each member of my family, at times with me. There is always hope in his words. I pray all men will learn from his example; we need it desperately.  

 Sincerely appreciative,
Ann Peterson

Cedar Falls, Iowa

Prophet Rohan Rambally is a member of Deliverance Tabernacle Ministry located in the 4th. Street, Dow Village, California. Trinidad. W.I. for the past 14 years.

He has a passion for God and a great desire to see the lost come to the saving Knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To this end, he has proven himself to be an effective witness of the Gospel with his charismatic personality and compelling testimony. He is kind, compassionate, and humble and has a heart for people.

As a minister Prophet Rohan is well learned and skilled in the Word of God. In his ministry there have been outstanding signs, wonders and miracles. The blind receive their sight and infirmities depart from bodies when he comes in contact with the sick.

Rohan Rambally's primary ministry is as a prophet to the nations. He has brought forth accurate words of prophecy that impacts and changes the lives of people.

It is with great pleasure I recommend Prophet Rohan Rambally to minister to any congregation he is invited to.

Pastor Roger Rahamut

Senior Elder.

1 (868) 636 8240

   Iíd like to relate one event where Rohan's prayers and gifts has effected our family. One day Rohan called, he never called us before, and said he is calling to bless the family of the doctor who treated him in Iowa. It was perfect timing. Many of our adult children were home, including our daughter who was planning to get married within two weeks. Rohan spent time with each one by praying and blessing them on the phone. He got their numbers and did the same for those who were not present.  

   My about-to-be-married daughter, who has a big heart for the down and out, fell in love with a man who is from Guyana. Being from one of the poorest of all communities, he was a crewmember on a small sailboat in the Caribbean in which we vacationed once, 4 years ago. They stayed connected for 4 years. We, my husband and I, discouraged it, knowing in our hearts that there would be much sadness and hardship if they would get married. We felt there would be a decisive separation from either or all families. We always prayed for God's chosen partner for each child. Our prayers continued - for God's will only.

   In order for proper immigration, they had a chance to marry during this two-week period only. Prayers intensified, the enemy dismantled, the Holy Spirit was freed and prophecy was spoken with the loving help of Rohan and others who
joined us in prayer. As Rohan listened to the Lord, he would call and release the will of God on us. He did not judge, and was not fearful to speak truth. It was so important to us that he prayed for the will of God and not what he thought was right - then we know God would have His way. After praying and fasting together, one thing I remember Rohan praying was that our daughter would have an unrest in her heart, if this marriage was not of God.  The next morning my daughter and her fiancť came over to check something out on the computer. Their faces showed disappointment, but they would not share it. I suspected it was about his visa. That night she called to tell me she is very nervous now and doesn't know whether it is of God or Satan. I hear the Lord tell me to be silent, and I was but it was very hard to trust God to tell her. The next morning Rohan felt the Lord urge him to call her. Later that morning she left to take him back to N.Y. so he could go back home.
  She said she is now on a quest to know Jesus better. I praise God for the sensitivity toward God's Spirit, God's Word, and the love and understanding, which come through Rohanís ministry. May we all learn from this young man, just a man, but actively after the very heart of God. Praise God for His awesome love towards us individually, and our families!  Praise Jesus for allowing us to have a close walk with Him as illustrated by our friend, Rohan.  
   Praise Jesus who desires the very best for His children!  Claim all He has given you -- for it is coming.              

    Ann Peterson  
   Cedar Falls, Iowa USA.


I have known Rohan Rambally for 7 years, and I have traveled and ministered with Rohan in several nations including the USA, Canada, Trinidad, Guyana, and Barbados.
            I have found Rohan to be a kind, compassionate, and loving man of God.  Rohan is always concerned about the needs of others and is willing to spend the time to help the poor, widows, and orphans. Rohan is a man of integrity and strength of character. Rohan is also a true prophet of the Lord who gives accurate words from the Lord.  As a man who is devoted to prayer,  Rohan hears from the Lord and then is able to clearly speak those words to others.  I have seen the Lord use Rohan to impact many lives for the glory of God. 
            Rohan would be a blessing to any group or church in which he speaks and ministers the Word of God. Rohan is a true friend and brother in the Lord.

 Dr. Michael Peters
 IHOPE Ministries


We live to learn. We live to meet and greet members of the family of Christ. If you havenít met Rohan Rambally yet, then you donít what youíre missing.


Rohanís love for God is the first thing that you notice when you speak to him. He has an overflowing anointing of God upon his life and it just spills over into everything that he does. To be honest, sometimes he is simply aglow with the love of God. He is always sure to give you the biggest smile and the warmest hug. Although Iím just about six feet tall, I donít mind bowing two feet lower to return his hug!


I have had the privilege of knowing Rohan for the past six years. He is the same today as he was then-a child after Godís own heart.

Rohan has been a colleague of mine in the teaching arena and working with him is nothing short of a delightful experience. Today, he is still my friend and I will go as far as to call him my brother in Christ.


As friends, Rohan has blessed me with beautiful gospel music so many times that I in turn feel honored to return the favour. He will tell you that has turned me into Darlene Zscheschís biggest fan. We have prayed together, laughed together and taught together, and I know that there is nothing that he wouldnít do in the Name of Jesus Christ. His compassion for others is exemplary. As he continues to work for the Kingdom of God, I want him to know that his journey for Christ has just begun. Enjoy the ministry, let God take full control, and youíll live a life like no other.


Well, if you still havenít met Prophet Rambally yet, I suggest you so without delay.

                                        God bless you all,

                                        Ms. Germaine De Verteuil

                                        Teacher: Trinidad & Tobago

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