"And He was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah. And when He had opened the book, He found the place where it was written:
       ďThe Spirit of the LORD is upon Me,
       Because He has anointed Me
      To preach the gospel to the poor;
      He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
      To proclaim liberty to the captives
      And recovery of sight to the blind,
      To set at liberty those who are oppressed;
       To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.Ē
Luke 4:17-19

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Prophetic Words to the Nations of the World

These words are given through a compilation of the prophetic releases and consensus of the            ACPE (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders).  Differing variables can affect the timing and/or       fulfillment of these words:                                                                                                              
1.        All prophecy not contained in scripture is conditional.                                                         
2.        The timing in which the prophecy comes to pass may not simply occur in a one year            time-frame.                                                                                                                                   
3.        It is possible that the prophetic warnings will cause either the person or corporate nation to repent and thus turn away the prophesied judgment. Biblically this happened when Jonah               prophesied to Nineveh and the city repented causing God to relent and not destroy the city






Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Puerto Rico



United States: Detroit, California, New York, Midwest, Texas, Wyoming 



Aruba has been a land set apart and dedicated to the fauna and flora of the earth.

   The Lord would say Pride would be broken off this land and humility shall encompass thee, even though at times, the enemy has sought to bring social unrest. I am causing a settling to come forth in the midst of thee.

          Like a mighty eagle full of strength and authority, you shall walk in dominion throughout the earth. Many trials & tribulations have befallen My Church and my people. Sometime it seems even impassable but I am calling down the mountains, making a highway in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

          I will begin to stir Up My Jealousy for this land shall be one that will carry my message to the ends of the earth. Wealth and honor shall be bestowed upon thee, even hidden riches says the Lord to His church.

          Be Strong and of a good Courage, do not be weak or fable hearted. I the Lord have set thee apart to be glorified in thee. There are coming changes in the Governmental Structure and a shift in the Political Arena.

          Many have not seen my goodness but know it is a time for change in this nation. I will raise up a Prophet in the Midst like Daniel who shall stand next to the President of the land. Iíll give direction and clarity. Yield to the Voice of the Angelic host & the Holy Spirit for surely Iíll do a new thing before it springs forth shall ye not know it.

          This is a new day, hour & season for Aruba, enter in and press forth into his divine purposes & see his will be done in Jesus name. I pray may the Lord bless and protect, Shield with the Blood of Jesus his people and his purposes be established and come forth in Jesus name.




Rise up mighty nation, for I have called thee to be a beacon and tower of strength to many lands. Many great apostles and prophets will come forth in this hour to declare my word.

        I see training centers and boot camps for divine equipping. Leadership seminars and key governmental leaders are coming to the forefront in politics.


The Holy Spirit is sweeping across this land in mighty power and strength bringing a mighty explosive revolution in the Spirit.

        The Spirit of Praise and Worship rests strongly upon this land. Church you shall sing the high praises of the Lord and wage war in the heavenlies says the Lord. Many will come; many will come to be set free and to drink from the river of life. The Spirit of David shall rest mightily upon thee and many shall see and give the Lord Jesus Glory.

        The Song of the Lord and the Song of the Bridegroom shall come forth. This is one of the greatest hours for the nation of Australia. The wind of the Spirit is blowing a fresh wind of Change.

        Many in bondage will be set free as you my beloved Church, rise and prayer, seek me with your whole heart and you shall find me, says the Lord. Be Strong and of a good Courage says the Lord.

Do not be weak or feeble hearted, for you are my battleaxes and weapons of war says the Lord. I will shoot you forth to the four corners of the earth and will arise as a mighty man of War.

        Wield the Sword of victory and raise high the banner of the Lord.

The strongman and evil dominion of the enemy will be shattered as this land comes together to triumph in the Lord.

A cry of mercy shall arise for the oppressed and fatherless, even a war cry says the Lord.

Feed the hungry; clothe the fatherless, reach out to the prisoners, and those who are sick. Surely righteousness and mercy will spring forth and nothing shall be impossible to thee.

        Have not I the Lord God, called this nation with a fiery anointing that you my Church will see a mighty demonstration of Signs and Wonders and Miracles.

Many have looked to see how a nation can articulate the Power and incorporate and integrate the networkings in the Spirit but Oh, Australia I have given thee Keys to the healing of the nations.

        Governments shall come to the Churches to hear the Word of the Lord, even Kings and Presidents says the Lord.

See yourself rising to a higher level as Australia soars on the wings of an eagle in Jesus Name.

        Blessed! Blessed! Blessed! Life! Strength! Hope! Victory! Says the Lord. I have dispatched Mighty Warring Angels to Protect and Preserve the Powerful Prophetic Plans I the Lord have for thee. Due to the great outburst of the Presence of the Lord, this land shall rise in its economic standard and many shall come not only for the fauna and flora but because the Glory of the Lord and the fatness and sweetness of our Lord Jesus.

        Hot sunny and bright days are ahead as the land shall blossom and the fields shall sing for joy to the Most High. The Sound of trumpets and cornets shall be heard in the Streets. Rejoicing and dancing will fill the Streets and many great and mighty things will be done says the Lord.

Yes, I see even Angelic Visitations and divine Manifestations of the Supernatural.


The fear of the Lord shall baptize this land from the North to the South, from the East to the West, you shall surely see nothing less than the very best says the Lord.

        Revival in day and night prayer shall arise and 24 hour Prayer and Praise gatherings will come forth says the Lord. This is a season of jubilation and joy says the Lord. Oh hearken to counsel and wisdom and cry out for understanding.

Ye watchmen of the Lord, Look and Prayer, Fast and you shall see a geyser in the Spirit arising and Springing forth fire and Glory in the realm of the Spirit in the Name of Jesus.


Hunger and thirst after me and you shall see a mighty move of Signs, Wonders and Miracles.

        Endurance and perseverance shall be your motto in the Coming days says the Lord. The spiritual temperature will continue to arise and many shall be drawn by my love and power says the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yield to me and my love says the Lord, surrender to me and I will pour my rivers and fresh springs will rise up within you like rivers says the Lord.

        Many will see visions and have dreams says the Lord.

The Elisha Spirit shall not escape those who seek me for surely I will pour Prophecies like a Mighty River and a torrential rain in the Spirit. Heaven will kiss Australia in this end time hour.

        Receive and see that I am God and there is none like me says the Lord. Shake oh Lord the Heavens and let this be a season of Miracles and extraordinary experiences for your people.

Many, many, many shall come into my Kingdom says the Lord.

        I Bless the Nation of Australia and the entire Continent with Strong Warring Angels and Peace and Songs of Joy and Gladness.

Worship and Dance before me oh Beautiful land, for your day has come says the Lord.

        I pray that the Lord would bless thee and his hand will rest mightily upon Australia, and enlarge thy territory that the Lord Jesus will preserve thee and cause thee to walk humbly before the Lord, so that this blessed land would not cause the Lord any pain.

        I pray that the Lord Bless the Nation of Australia and lift up his Countenance over thee and Give thee peace, and keep thee and make his face Shine Upon thee and Be Gracious unto thee and I put the Name that is above every other Name, JESUS CHRIST, over Godís people.

        I pray all that God has ordained and purposed come forth and be manifested in Jesus Name.


Praise the Lord Oh my Soul for Australia.

Amen & Amen!!!                                                     



God is about to release a new anointing upon this nation, this is a day of reformation and change says the Lord. This is an hour of transformation says the Lord, I am raising up the nation of Barbados as an Antioch nation says the Lord.

Thus says the lord, I will raise up a mighty army on the north, south, east and west that will rise up with an apostolic and prophetic anointing to dash in pieces like a potterís vessel the strongholds of the enemy says the Lord. I will cause my voice to be heard on high as your sons and daughters shall prophesy in this hour says the lord .

God will do great things for his chosen people says the Lord, God will thrust you forth into the four corners of the earth sayeth Jesus because this is the eternal counsel of the Sovereign Lord, I will greatly anoint the pastors and leaders in this nation .

The apostles and prophets will arise and they shall come forth with a new fire says the Lord .

This is a new day and a new time, such as Barbados has never seen before.

The blind shall see, the dumb shall speak, the deaf shall hear and  lame shall walk because I have destined greater works shall you do in my name, even the dead shall be raised says the Lord God Almighty .

Godís blessings will overtake and overshadow this nation in a new and powerful way, the riches of the heathen is coming forth from the north, south, east and west  into the hands of the righteous says the Lord .

I will strengthen thee yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness says this Spirit Of God.

Yea sayeth the Lord seek ye my face ye double minded and unstable ones, put out of my church compromise , jealousy and competition.  Let unity, love, Joy and peace rest and then I will restore all that the caterpillar, cankerworm, and the locust hath eaten says the Spirit Of The Lord.

Only Repent says the Lord and cleanse your hands and your hearts and I the Lord will restore and uplift and heal this land because I am the God of restoration and restitution and I will give you back all that the enemy has stolen, nothing good will I withhold from you because I have loved this nation which is  ordained and called blessed in the eternal realms of the spirit and victory will come forth says the Lord.

As you praise and worship me in singing and dancing I will release my glory says the Lord and the land shall be healed and righteousness shall be established says the Lord On High.

Yea, says the lord I will even do a new thing, before it spring forth shall ye not know it I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert says the Spirit Of Lord to the churches.

I will take this nation into the depths and heights of the spirit world and I will divinely energize your words with unction of power and authority says the Lord that you will confront and demolish every stronghold of the enemy in the nation of Barbados and the nations of the earth in Jesus Mighty Name.

I will give my Servants great clarity and wisdom to declare my word in simplicity and I will open the eyes of my people to see into the world of the spirit and their ears  to hear the word of God in this hour says the Lord.

I will release and dispatch angels to come to this nation to give guidance and clarity concerning my will in this end time hour because this nation has lacked divine clarity, the spirits of traditionalism, formalism and religion has entered. But I am breaking the ways of man and I am calling this nation into the eternal purposes of the Almighty God, I will greatly prosper and bless this nation and I will release a wave of healing and deliverance in the Name of Jesus because God has ordained and predestinated it before the foundation of the earth.

The fire of God will spread and the anointing of God will increase and the knowledge of God will fill this nation as the waters cover  the sea.

All that God has ordained and purposed for this nation will come forth and be manifested in the Name of Jesus Christ and God would be glorified and exalted and he would return for his people at the appointed time because Jesus is coming again very soon. Only be strong and courageous says the Lord Most High.


 The Lord would say I am causing changes to come forth over the economic and political sector of the land, that will cause major strongholds to break, there has been much opposition and suffering for so many years, but I the Lord will break the yoke of the oppressor and just how I told my Prophet Moses to let my people go.

I decree "Let God's people go free in China in Jesus name."

Surely from the ends of the earth I have called this nation to be one filled with my glory, created to honor me in the arts, dance, drama, gymnastics, and creative ideas in the realm of Science, technology and business.

I will bring down the high and the mighty and I will break down every demon stronghold of the enemy. My Name and my Name only shall be exalted. Even though you have suffered under the hands of Communism, I am breaking the hand of the enemy and I am tearing down the walls and ripping and rooting out the veil over the enemy.

My Church, I have torn the veil, the veil is Gone 2000 years ago, you are free, and more victories and answers are about to be manifested says the Lord. Do not be afraid to speak my Word, release miracles where ever you go in My Name Jesus. Your enemies will be routed and brought to desolation, even those who have tortured and abused you, release them into my hands with love and forgiveness, for they know not what they do.

I see like Saul's being transformed into Paul's and major transformation in the Governmental Structure. This will be a season where the Bamboo Curtain and the eye of the enemy will be plucked out and the Warring Angels will establish great prophetic purpose.

Church, be thou strong for I am raising up even in your midst a deliverer to bring you out. Cry on to me, lift up your Voice and your Prayer. Spare not, fast and prayer for mighty changes are about to be birthed in the Spiritual Realm. The heavens are opening and transformation and miracles, signs and wonders are about to be unleashed says the Lord.

No longer shall you be betrothed but you will be mine in my hand says the Lord. I will raise up a mighty army of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and teachers. The army of the Lord in China will be well disciplined and an army full of power and wisdom to articulate and demonstrate my divine purpose in this end time hour. I will catapult you to the four corners of the earth says the Lord. Be not weary in well doing, be thou strong, continue to prayer in the Spirit and war with your Praises.

Continue to Prophesy the Downfall of the Walls of the enemy.

For surely my Glory will cover and seal you says the Lord. And my Blood will be a Banner and Shield for thee says the Lord.






Hear the word the Lord, repent, cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice and cry out against the wickedness of sin and the abominations that have come before me.

The Lord says he is about to cleanse and purify this land, releasing a cleansing fire and threshing every unclean power and principality.

          Unrighteousness shall bow, Kings and Queens shall bow, and Leaders will arise in righteousness and holiness. Give honor and glory to God all ye princes of the earth. Pull down the altars of Baal and idolatry. Fast and prayer as never before, Oh ye Church of the Living God.

          There is a cry arising from my saints for a move of God in England . I have seen the hours of fasting and prayer and I have heard the cry for change says the Lord. Keep pressing into my purposes in prayer and look as I breathe revival from the North to the South, from the East to the West as the winds of the Spirit began to blow afresh.


Be strong and Courageous for I will not only cause a shaking and a quaking in the Spirit. I will also cause a shifting in the heavenlies, says the Lord. My people have been greatly oppressed and downtrodden but I will break the band of the enemy over their necks and release them to serve me in liberty as never before says the Lord.

          I am breaking the evil tide of coldness and deadness in the atmosphere and releasing in the heavenlies a fresh wave of friendliness and life into the Spirit Realm says the Lord. My name shall be exalted and my name only says the Lord. For I am King of Kings and Lord of Lords over England .

          I will open the treasures of darkness and cause a new spring of wealth to arise says the Lord. London will continue to rise to be a hub of activity in the Spirit Realm and a great portal to other nations says the Lord.


Repent of the sins of past generations, ask me for forgiveness for the many lands you have oppressed and enslaved and shed innocent blood so that you can gain control and I, the Lord, will have mercy and heal England from the Spirit of Control and manipulation.

          England shall come back to her first love. Yearn after me and thirst for me, say not that you are filled when indeed you are empty and lack the true wealth.

          I the Lord will break down the old mindsets and build new foundations based on my word say the Lord. Be not weary ye faithful ones, even though many have come, I am stirring up a righteous zeal and I am shattering every lie and deception over London .


You will be a light to many not only in the economic realm but also a world figure says the Lord. A mighty giant that will make great inroads in the educational realm says the Lord. Even in Law, Physics and Medical Sciences says the Lord.

          You shall master the arts and drama in days ahead says the Lord. I will also cause your sporting abilities to arise in new ways in lawn tennis, swimming, boxing, cricket and soccer says the Lord.

          May the Lord bless and keep England, May he cause his face to shine upon England and be gracious to England and give England peace and put the Name of Jesus Christ over her to saturate her with the blood of Jesus from the top of the heavens to the center of the earth.

          Praise be to God for the blessed nation of England !





The lord would say prayer, raise up a strong prayer covering over the base, dispatch angels to protect the military, yes says the Lord, Cry out for Guantanamo Bay, I see like the enemy has a conspiracy to remove the United States Presence from this region of Cuba. America land of the free, I call you to begin to prayer for those in the camps, for surely I have allowed you to have a base and harbor to prayer and intercede for Cuba says the Lord.

     I will abort the schemes of the wicked one even as I caused the army of Syria to fall, so too those who seek to bring you down shall surely fall says the Lord.

     May the Lord Bless Guantanamo Bay and Cover that territory with the Blood of Jesus and Surround and Protect God's divine purposes under a hedge of Protection and a Strong Prayer Covering be Released in Jesus Name.

     God Bless Guantanamo Bay and May all that he has ordained, come forth and be manifested in Jesus Name. Amen & Amen!!!




The Lord would say this nation is going to rise like a light in the Caribbean and many are going to flock to hear the Word of the Lord through Prophetic/Apostolic Training Conferences.

   Puerto Rico is going to rise to be the beacon in the Caribbean; God is rising up this region of the U.S. as an Antioch Church that is firmly established in my Word and in My Way. The Economy is going to rise and social unrest will be aborted says the Lord.

          There is a degree of looseness and perverseness in the atmosphere but the fear of the Lord will sweep every nook and crevice says the Lord; the Lord will break the tidal wave of evil that surrounds you; I will strike with my Mighty hand against the forces in the North, and I will call you forth in this hour to rise up with a New song in My Church, to sing and Shout with the Voice of triumph and Victory. You will stamp the enemy under your feet says the Lord.

   I shall not let go my hand off this nation, too much has been invested in the Spirit over this territory, and you shall be a bridge of Hope and a Restorer to the isles of the Caribbean.

          Yes, says the Lord, No Weapon formed or fashioned against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against you shall fall says the Lord.

   Tourism shall also be a major part of bringing finances to build and enhance this region, yes even business and creative ideas will begin to flow says the Lord. Your mouths shall not be shut to declare my mighty Word, but you shall trumpet my word to the four corners of the earth says the Lord.

   Prepare yourself oh Church with much fasting and prayer and put away the pointing of fingers, get rid of the Competition, Compromise, Lethargy, Complacency and the Counting of numbers in your cubicles. Rise above these petty distractions, unite and fight, for surely My Church shall prevail. The winds of change and Restoration are going to blow and shift things into their rightful place says the Lord. Even the healing balm of Gilead will flow like a Mighty River bringing restoration and life wherever it goes. Many will come to drink from the healing rivers that are so rich in Spiritual Vitamin & Manner from on High in Puerto Rican soil. The land shall also bring forth its increase says the Lord.

   I pray that the Lord Bless and Keep Puerto Rico under his Loving Arms, Shelter and Shield thee with the Blood of Jesus from the elements of the Weather Patterns of the Caribbean, hedge Puerto Rico with an impenetrable wall of fire & surround and protect this land with Strong Warring and Guardian Angels in Jesus Name.


Thank You Lord Jesus for Puerto Rico!!!




Thus says the Lord I am breaking the Curse of poverty that have ruled over this land for so many, many years because of spiritual idolatry.

The Lord even calls to the witches and warlocks to repent quickly and cry to Jesus for forgiveness and salvation.

 I will strip the lies over my Church of looking to other nations for help. Lift up your eyes and look to me says the Lord.

Repent says the Lord and confess your sins, turn ye even onto me ,even this whole land and see this is the Year of the  Favor of the Lord and the Day of Wholeness and Vitality ,Strength and health says the Lord.

        For ,I  am releasing the wisdom of Creative ideas and investments to profit the land and economy says the Lord. I am releasing springs of life and healing waters in the soil says the Lord. The earth will break forth in productivity and life, even the livestock will be nourished says the Lord.

        Know ye that I the Lord will Cause the Rains of My Spirit to come in the seventh month and there will be a release Mighty Angels to bring transformation and reformation.

        Oh ye Church, Arise and Prayer as you have never prayed before and you will see the Sword of Oppression and famine broken says the Lord, even this day says the Lord.

Beat your Plowshares into Swords and Your pruning hooks into Spears.

Sons and Daughters it is time for war says the Lord. Wake up the Mighty Men of War, Summon a fast and a Day of Prayer for this land.

Break forth into dancing and singing and shouting, lift up ye the banners of the Lord and see my Grace and favor return to the house of the Lord.

March through the Streets and begin to Shout aloud against the Cry of Injustice and Wickedness and Bribery says the Lord.

Tear down every demonic throne and every altar of Baal says the Lord. Set up the altars of Praise and Worship, the altar of prayer and fasting & the altar of the WORD of the Lord in your homes.

There is also a season of intensification of healing and creative miracles coming forth says the Lord. CANCER shall be a thing of the past as my healing waters flow and as I open the floodgates of heaven and pour the rivers of strength and restoration says the Lord.

Have not I said to thee in times past, I will now accelerate the momentum in my Church says the LORD.

For so goes the Church ,so goes the Nation  of Tanzania.

        Remember the keys to Victory lies in the hands of the Prophetic Intercessors. RELEASE YOUR PRAYERS LIKE MISSILES FROM THE HEADQUARTERS OF GOD AND DEMOLISH ALL THE WORKS OF SATAN IN JESUS NAME.

        In the coming days ,there will be GREAT Christian Leaders in the Government, MEN OF INTEGRITY says the LORD ,diametrically opposed to the enemyís plans says the Lord.

I have ordained that this land rise in status and move with the tenacity of a Mighty Giant.

Speak out ! Cry Aloud ! Spare Not ! This is the Hour Of Change Says the Lord.

        Be Strong and of a Good Courage, fear not for I will say to the North Give Up & to the South RELEASE in JESUS MIGHTY NAME .

Give honor and glory and Praise for the things that are Coming forth says the Lord!!!

Have not I the Lord given you power to get wealth and will not I say that indeed, I will give you the keys of the Kingdom to root out, pull down, throw down and destroy says the Lord.

        In this final hour , I will place upon the Body of Christ in Tanzania a military warring anointing in the heavenlies to march forward and build up through apostolic and prophetic declarations says the Lord.

I the Lord will cause a great tidal wave of the Prophetic to sweep over the Land.

Oh ye, the little ones will have visions and the older ones dreams says the Lord.

        The nations shall call for thee and the Princes of the Land shall run to thee for refuge says the Lord. For this is an hour of Power and Breakthrough as have never been seen before says the Almighty.

Advance forcefully and move forward INTO my prophetic plans and purposes says the Lord.

        Father, in the Name of Jesus may you bless the Nation of Tanzania in the Name of Jesus, I prayer all that God have ordained and purposed will come forth, and be manifested  in Jesus Name. I prayer a strong Jesus Blood COVERING AND MIGHTY  SHIELD OF PROTECTION AROUND AND OVER GODíS PEOPLE AND PROPHETIC PURPOSES IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

Thank you Lord for hearing and answering this prayer in Jesus Name. Amen!!!



The Lord beseeches His loved ones in Trinidad, Tobago, and Guyana to unite, for you will impact Venezuela with the Spirit of Christ as Revival grips the nations.

Pray against the false prophets who have come in Jesus Name, but have issued an antichrist spirit upon past generations. They were haughty, self-seeking, and have watered down the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Call forth the manifestation of the Truth spoken by true prophets who have come in the name of the Lord, yet have been persecuted and ignored. Jesus came to set the captives free. Injustice has over come your land. Little children and foolish women have ruled over you instead of Godly men and women. Take the ground you have lost in government! Injustice has had its reward. It has degraded the poor, oppressed people who are part of the body of Christ. Jesus is Lord over reconciliation. The Father loves and made all people. Not one is greater in His eyes and heart than another. Reach out to the poor in Trinidad, Tobago. Guyana. Offer promise to the people who have no hope. Unite in prayer and praise, for Jesus loves all men and has purpose for each one as they join together in the Spirit of True Worship. Watch, as you love one another, how the treasures of Heaven fall down to bless Trinidad, Tobago, Guyana, and flow on to Venezuela.

The waters are anxious to trample injustice. God's people must humble themselves and pray so the beast of this land, which has been devouring their blessing, be eliminated. Jesus longs to bless you, and has waited for you to come to Him as a Body of believers. Claim His Promises together with joy and thanksgiving! His Voice must be heard!

You are the Inheritance of Christ!

Bounty belongs to you

Justice belongs to you

Salvation belongs to you

Healing belongs to you

Protection belongs to you

Abundance belongs to you

Beauty belongs to you

Righteousness belongs to you

Riches in Glory belong to you

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit belong to you

Safety belongs to you

Truth belongs to you...

Jesus belongs to you

You belong to Jesus

 You are a sweet fragrance to the Lord. United, you have much to offer the world The Whole Body makes the True Church in which the Power lies. Hosea 3: 16,19-20

"For there will come a day," declares the Lord, "that you will call Me Ishi and no longer call me Baali."

"For I will betroth you to Me in Righteousness and in justice, in loving kindness and in compassion, and I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness. Then you will know the Lord."

 Amen, Let it be done.


I sense a cry in the heart of the Lord for prayer to be raised up in the United States, I believe God is saying in the next season he is about to pour out great Grace and favor over the land.  


Hear the cry of the afflicted, the children of the needy, the hungry, the naked, the homeless, and the oppressed. Reach your hand out to them and bring them in to you warm embrace. Do not be afraid of them, for they are precious in My sight.  Let compassion take over your city. Let My Loved Ones share their gifts with the downtrodden, that the power I have put within you may be passed on to the afflicted. You will reap such bounty that your heart will burst for joy. Do not wait for devastation to come to you.  Be on the offensive, the enemy wants to use the afflicted to become an army of darkness. Call them into the Great Light! Speak blessings upon the oppressed and depressed. For great are the promises bestowed on each and every one of these precious children.  As the days grow colder, so does the darkness wage war against Detroit. Pray the promises and truth into the hearts of the afflicted. Help them out with you great bounty. Kiss them with my Word, it is theirs as well as yours. It will be sweetness to their souls.

Body of Christ, you, must unite in praise,  prayer,  and good works. My Son is watching His bride and His eyes are glistening with anticipation. "You are beautiful as Tirzah, an army with banners!  And you shall escape the coming terror."  Amen, let it be so.


In the next seven months, he is releasing a strong mantle of protection, the enemy will seek to attack through the elements of the weather but I am calling the State of Florida to prayer and fast and cry mightily to me.

I see strong winds and fierce thunderstorms approaching in the East, but I appeal for the intercessors to cry out to the Lord mightily to spare the Florida Keys.


I sense in my heart a cry for San Francisco to repent of idolatry and pride for Sodom and Gomorrah have crept in, swift judgment is about to be poured out. I also see the State of California being under tremendous plate pressure tectonics and shifting of the plates.

Church in California repent, spare not to cry out to me in this season, I also see waters rising along the coastal region in Western Region along the California sea coast.

Recently when I was in Sacramento, the Lord gave me a vision of a house being covered with waters.

New York

Slow down and pray for Brooklyn. Recently I had a dream: there were several men with machine guns in JFK and they began shooting and people were shouting and crying.

Iowa, Kansas, Tennessee and the mid United States

I see great increase and favor over the agriculture and the fowls of the air.

There is an increase of strength, wisdom and knowledge.

A season of release of the grace of God to come forth and Green pastures says the Lord.


I see an unusual heat wave rising in the east, begin to cry out to spare Houston and reach out to me concerning other regions, I have given you a heart of Mercy and kindness, know that my hand have saved thee from many troubles says the Lord.

I have placed a banner of righteousness over thee.

Enter in ye church into prayer and fasting and I will do a new thing says the Lord.  

Wyoming (USA)


Thus says the Lord, I am about to cause an increase of favor to rise and the stillness is about to be broken. I am releasing a gentle but powerful wind in the spirit that is going to bring great Transformation.

Quiet state you have been, but I am going to arise as the Mighty Man of War and The Lord Sabbaoth to annihilate every word and work of the enemy in the Name of Jesus.


I say I am releasing Strong Angelic Hosts to Battle against the hordes of the enemy that seeks to destroy the Crops, yes Prosperity is surely coming forth says the Lord, and a righteous indignation will spread as revival breaks forth on the EAST.


Singing and dancing and clapping and rejoicing says the Lord.

Lift up the Banner of the Lord, do not be afraid to speak my word in the Wilderness, change your State and Prophesy ye sons and daughters, wake up the Mighty men of War, beat your plowshare into a sword and your pruning hooks into spears.


Arise and Come forth, for I see progress and development and changes coming forth, structural changes says the Lord. Church in Wyoming begin to Declare the Perfect will of God be Done in Wyoming on the Earth as it is in the Heavens in Jesus Name.


God Bless Wyoming, U.S.A

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