"If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal." 1 Cor. 13:1

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Listed here are some articles, books, tapes, conferences and events worthy of your time and resources. Some are free, some cost money, but all will build up your spiritual, emotional and physical person.

A special note: Each and every resource offered here is available to you at the lowest cost possible -- so that all can share in them. We do not view these as "money-makers" for our ministry. That's why they are priced so low. In fact, all proceeds (money beyond the cost of materials, printing, shipping, duplicating, etc.) are directed to widows and orphans. God bless. 


Jesus Love Lifted Me

by Pastor Daren Rambally and Manley John Williams


"What can I say, To God Be the Glory. The Greatest fulfillment one can achieve from serving the Lord Jesus, is when one can obey the Holy Spirit. I say this, because this entire album, and it's production is a miracle that has been achieved through obedience to the Holy Ghost. I strongly recommend this album to every single believer. I also recommend it to Youths in Drug Rehabilitation Institutions. You must listen to the Pastor's Introduction, it just tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This whole project was based on obedience to the Holy Spirit. What I have learned from this project, is that when places a burden on your heart to do a work for him, you cannot pass the buck, you got to see that dream, that vision, that task come to completion. In other words, "Where God Guides, He Provides." I pray as you purchase this album, it will bless your heart, and you will want to share this message with the entire world."
God Bless You All
Apostle/Pastor Daren Rambally


Manley had tried Money. He had tried drugs. He had tried women. He had even tried friends, but they all failed. He had been to prison on more than two occasions. While in Prison, the Holy Spirit started to speak to him through songs, that he wrote down.

Only when Pastor Darren obeyed the Lord in December of 2004, and crossed the street, and approached Manley, it was then that God got the opportunity to truly do what He had destined Manley for. It was to touch the entire world, with a message of Love, Hope and Peace -- that only Jesus can give. Most of the songs on the Album are really testimonies of Manley's actual life. It is raw true facts; nothing is hidden. I believe this is what God wants, to be able to truly work with raw material, so that He can shape and mould it for His honour and glory. Manley's dream is for you to know that Jesus loves you, he died for you, and gave his life for you. Manley's desire is to see the world saved for Jesus.


To God Be the Glory
 Manley Williams

Each CD is available for $10 (US) plus between $3 and $5 shipping (billed at actual cost, depending on your location). Contact 



  1. Thus Saith The Lord

  2. I Am That I Am

  3. Pastor's Intro

  4. Jesus Is The Way

  5. Believe In Jesus

  6. Jesus Love Lifted Me

  7. Christ, The Solid Rock

  8. Jesus Love Lifted Me (Instrumental)

  9. Thus Saith The Lord (Track)

  10. I Am That I Am (Track)

  11. Jesus Is The Way (Track)

  12. Believe In Jesus (Track)

  13. Jesus Love Lifted Me (Track)

  14. Christ, The Solid Rock (Track)



Life Praises To Comfort the Soul

by Vashti Bissessar-Boodhai

If you have ever lost someone you love, this collection of inspired poems (over 30) and scriptures may be a balm to your soul.


Ms. Vashti Bissessar-Boodhai is a born again Christian who has experienced a tremendous loss at the hands of the enemy, but with God's constant vigil, has been inspired to compose this selection of poems. Dedicated to the memory of her nearly 18-year-old daughter, Premala. Vashti has been a school teacher for 28 years and is a member of the Trinidad Prayer Command Centre.


Hear what others say:


"It is with great joy I recommend this book to every believer. It has been a great inspiration and blessing to all who have heard the poems. 

    Having known Premala, this book is a reflection of her beautiful life on earth as she fulfilled all the plans and purposes in the time-frame given. 

    God bless you as you meditate on God's inspired poems."


                                                                    Prophet Rohan Rambally


"I highly recommend that this book be read, as it would bring comfort to the broken, weary soul."


                                                                    Pastor Roger Rahamut


You can receive this booklet with a $15 (US) donation cheque or money order. (includes shipping and handling). Contact to order or 


                          Vashti Bissessar-Boodhai

                          69 De Mont Bruin Street
                          Balmain Village
                          Trinidad West Indies


The Supernatural Kingdom CD by Hannah Lackraj


Suggested Donation: $15


To order: Contact




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