"Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession." Psalm 2:8



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The Global Prayer Command Centre - 93 Perseverance Village, Couva, Trinidad


The G.P.C.C. is fundamentally associated with reaching out to those in need. Members are trained to minister to the spiritual needs of people an to impart into lives through prophetic ministry. 


The G.P.C.C. meets on Thursdays of every week to pray out for families, communities, churches, local governments, and the ten nations of the world. The G.P.C.C. also meets the first Friday of every month for all-night prayer sessions. The group begins prayer on these nights from 6:00 AM and concludes at 6:00 PM.


Not only is the G.P.C.C. a prayer ministry, but it is involved in the world, too. The finances collected from member pledges go into the Orphanage ministry. Money is used to purchase grocery items for the Orphanage in Couva, Trinidad. Also, there is the Hospital ministry, through which the sick are ministered to through prayer. There is also an active Widows ministry. Contributions are made to the Morris Cerullo and Bill Hamon ministries. The G.P.C.C. also administers to the prison ministry on a needed basis.


The G.P.C.C. is associated with ministries and churches in Barbados, Canada, The United States of American and Guyana. In Guyana, the group assists by donating food, clothing and finances to those in need. Also, teams visit to minister to people in churches. 


Some Photos of the Prayer Command Centre Members




Short Articles and Instructions 

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      World Prayer Map (Print it for your own prayer times)

9 Steps to Conduct Your Own Prayer Command Centre

How to Establish Your Own Prayer Command Centre

Communion: Honouring the Blood of Jesus

Set a Watch


The Gates of Hell

Fasting as a Weapon to Change the Spiritual Destiny of Nations

The Master Key to Prayer

Prayer Principle / God Answers Prayers

How Should We Pray?

6 Power Covenant Prayer Keys

Prayer Command Centres

Three Major Phases of Intercession

Blow the Trumpet in Zion - Call a Solemn Assembly

We Must Set an End Time Watch in Prayer

Penetrating Prayer that Pulls Down Satanís Strongholds

9 Steps to Conduct Your Own Prayer Command Centre

1. Set The Spiritual Focus

       Share Prayer Principles or key Biblical truths related to prayer. Others should share prayer concerns and truths God has revealed to them.

2. Pray For Personal Life And For Other Members Of The Global Prayer Strike Force

  1. Personal needs people have
  2. The spiritual battles they are facing
  3. Healing
  4. Financial Breakthroughs
  5. For God's Protection
  6. For His will to be accomplished in their lives

Pray for Brothers and Sisters in other nations who face great difficulties in having the basic necessities of life, who face hardship and persecution for their faith and even death. Cover one another with fervent prayer and intercession. Lift up a Prayer Covering over the Global Prayer Strike Force.

3. Pray For Our Families

Pray for:

  1. Bondages to be broken
  2. Marriages to be restored
  3. Unsaved loved ones to be won into the Kingdom
  4. Young people to be set free and set on fire by the Holy Spirit

4. Pray For Our Local Churches

  1. Raise up a strong prayer covering over our Pastors and local churches
  2. Pray that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it is with you. Pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men. (2 Thess. 3:1-2)
  3. The Fivefold Ministry
  4. Spiritual breakthroughs within the churches
  5. For God's provision
  6. For souls to be won
  7. For God's anointing to be released upon the members
  8. For God to increase their vision and burden for the lost within their communities and nations of the world

5. Pray For Our Local Governments

  1. All those within positions of leadership in our governments
  2. Intercede upon their behalf and believe God to establish Godly leadership
  3. For those who have not been born again that they will receive Christ as their Savior

"I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone ó for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth." 2 Tim. 2:1-4 (NIV)

6. Pray For Building God's Army Around The World

"Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." Mat. 9:38 (NKJV)

Pray for:

  1. God to send them forth in the Power and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit into the large mega-cities, towns, and remote villages to reach the unreached people who have never heard the Gospel -- even one time!
  2. God to build this Great Army as we conduct our schools of Ministries within each of the ten Missions to all the world's regions:
bulletIndia, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan
bulletAsia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
bulletMexico, Central America, South America
bulletMiddle East
bulletNorth America

7. Pray For Mission To All The World

Pray for:

  1. An army of intercessors worldwide to be raised up
  2. God to open the closed doors, to tear down Satan's strongholds and the spread of the Gospel to those who have never heard it.
  3. Ten nations of the Spirit: "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." James 5:16 (NKJV)
  4. Pray and fast for three billion who are unreached within the nations of the world

8. Pray For The Lord's Return

Pray that every church around the world will pray for the Lord's return and every believer's lips will declare, "Even So, Come, Lord Jesus."

9. Close The Prayer Session

  1. Praising and thanking God and worshipping Him for what you are believing Him to do
  2. Give opportunity for people to share testimonies of answered prayer. Give God the glory for what He has done.

We serve a Living God Who hears and answers prayers.


How to Establish A Prayer Command Centre


Is. 56: 5-7. You have authority to stop things from happening in the Spirit and establishing Godís purposes in Jesus name in the earth realm.



  1. Your personal Life

  2. Your Family

  3. Your church

  4. Your community                    

  5. Your Government

  6. Mission to all the world

  7. Building Godís Army

  8. Prayer for the Lord Jesus to Return



Different types of Prayers

  1. Request or Supplication: A request asking for Godís aid in this matter.

  2. Requests or Petition: What is asked for or things asked

Phil 4:7, Mt 6:11

  1. Intercede: fall into agreement or against what he doesnít want. Rom 8:26-28.

  2. Commanding prayers (or commanding in Jesus Name): Jn 16:23. Commanding the enemy to take his hands off, the inheritance belongs to you. Jn. 14:12-14.

  3. The prayers of Committal: 1Peter 5:7. Committing everything unto Godís Hands. Ps 37:4,5.

  4. Prayer of Agreement: No division or disunity. Mt. 18:18,19

  5. Faith. James 5: 15,16

  6. Giving Thanks: Praying for the perfect will of God to be done, stopping Satanís purposes, taking responsibility, securing Godís purposes and his people.

Acts 2:42-46 (Anywhere two or three agrees)


Purpose: Get to the business of prayer, pray for someone else.


Objective: Finding and declaring the promise that deal with your situations.



  1. Personal Life. Col 1:19, 3 John 2

  2. The Peopleís family: Take Authority in Jesusí Name

  3. Local Church, Pastor and Leadership. Heb 13:7, Eph 6:18,19.

  4. Local Community: fight for their families and others. Neh. 4:17-19, Eph. 6:18.

  5. Government: 1 Tim 2:1,2

  6. Mission to all the world: Ten Different Regions require intense intercession.

  7. Building Godís army: Luke 10:12

  8. Coming of Jesus Christ, Rev 8:3,4 , Rev 22:17-20



  1. *Get the cares of people: *Phil 4:6*

        - let it be done with thanksgiving (closure of the heart) 1 John 5:14,15

* Vision: Amos 3:3, Hab 2:1-3, we are always going to stay on Godís side God is a good God and he will do what he has spoken.


  1. The Bible is true, agree. Mt. 18:18,19 (prayer fellowship)

Prayer Command Leader: to lead not to dictate.

  1. Fellowship: Joint breakthrough. Jer. 33:3

  2. Be in prayer Ė hear and speak what God is saying. Be brief and focused.

  3. Rule any environment in the Spirit: 1 Peter 5:2,3. No evil report.

  4. Stop Strife with Love 1 Cor 13: 4-8

  5. Pray the will of God (Agree with the will of God not what they like- is God kingdom backing them up)

Ask questions identify with the promises of God because God will stand by his word to perform it.

  1. Testify: encourage others, Rev. 12:11. Declare Testimony. A tremendous strength in unity. The intercessor has tremendous authority.

Purpose: God reveals it ahead of time.



Communion: Honouring the Blood of Jesus


                             OVER YOUR FAMILY & LOVED ONES.






1. Shut out all distractions. Turn off your radio and telephones. This is a sacred time for you to enter into Godís presence and to worship Him.


2. Gather your family together around you. Prepare the Communion cup and bread and place it on a table in front of you. (If you do not have enough of the Communion cups and bread from our ministry, use a glass of grape juice and small pieces of bread or crackers).


3. Join together and sing the old familiar hymn, He lives! Here are the words of the first verse and chorus.


I serve a risen Savior; Heís in my heart

today, I know that He is living, whatever

men may say, I see His hand of mercy, I

hear His voice of cheer, and, just the

time I need Him, Heís always near!


He lives! He lives! Christ Jesus lives

today. He walks with me, and talks with

me along lifeís narrow way.

He lives! He lives! Salvation to impart.

You ask me how I know He livesÖ

He lives within my heart.


Now join your hands together and sing HALLELUJAH.


4. Read 1 Corinthians, chapter eleven, verses 23-32.Take time before partaking of the Communion bread for every member of your family to ask God for forgiveness of any sin in their lives. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal any areas where you may have compromised and allowed sin to enter. Then, confess any sin and allow Godís forgiveness to flow into your life.


Take the bread in your hand now and pray this prayer together:


ďDear Jesus, thank You for being willing to take our sins and sickness upon yourselfÖto bear them in Your body and die upon the cross. as we eat this bread together, we accept Your sacrifice and claim freedom from sinÖfreedom sicknessÖfreedom from every bondage the enemy may try to place upon us. by faith we now receive a release of the same resurrection life that is in YouÖinto our mindsÖinto our soulsÖinto our spiritsÖinto our bodies!Ē


(Partake of the bread)


Now read 1 Corinthians, chapter ten, verses 16-17.Take the cup in your hand and prayer this prayer aloud:


ďJesus, thank You for shedding Your blood for us on Calvary. It is through Your precious blood we walk in power and victory over all the power of the enemy. Cleanse us now with Your blood of every work of the flesh. Let the same powerful life that flowed through Your blood be released within us NOW!Ē


(Partake of the cup)


5.Rejoice! Begin to praise and worship the Lord together. Offer up praise and thanksgiving for what God has already done and what He is going to do!


Sing together the chorus to the great hymn,

To God be the Glory.


Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord,

Let the earth hear His voice!

Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord,

Let the people rejoice!

O come to the Father through Jesus the Son, and

Give Him the glory, Great things He has done!

Set a Watch


  1. Mk. 14:32-37, 1Thes 5:6

A call is coming from God: Shake yourself out of sleep and Apathy and Rise up in closing hours.


  1. Rise in Urgency.


  1. A new rise in spiritual consecration, determination.

Revelation is given so we can act on it.

Speak or declare: We are on the brink of Spiritual Destiny.


Mk 13:32-37


  1. Be on your guard, consistently alert, watch and pray.

Declare: it is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to shake itself out of slumber.

Godís Message to the church: set a watch.

Duties are 7 fold: Rise up in new determination to command these things to manifest.

        Consistently be on the alert.

        Watch for any sign of the enemy.

        Guard the camp.

        Protect the camp.

        Challenge (Militant: Violent): Pass word: Jesus.

        Responsibility: Sound an alarm and warn of any danger in a relationship we will have with each other, the family of God is at stake, the Body of Christ (guard, stand, watch and warn others of impending danger)



Two truths:

ō       Telling us what is about to happen.

ō      Lateness of the hour and directing the Body to set a watch (circle the word in pencil: looking and expecting something to happen).

Watch, look and expect something to happen.



Five steps to come forth if you are going to set a watch:


  1. Shake ourselves: keep awake. Rev 3:2, 3. Amos 3:7 (be on guard, be on the look out, be on a sharp look-out.


  1. Arise from any sleep, slumber, apathy, lethargy, never again fall into spiritual slumber. Rev 3:2, 3.

1Thes 5:6. Our position of strength is in knowing the enemy is going to back off.

a)   We are Godís people of destiny.

b)   We are living in the final count down. (We have a witness- spirit of Christ responding to the coming)

c)    We have entered a time of end-time crisis Ė prophesied in the Word.

d)   We are 100% victorious.


* Responsibility to be spiritually alert:  Mk 11:37.


  1.  Consistently on Guard: Put up a guard. Look for any sign of the enemy, we must not let this guard down for one moment, it is a 24hr guard, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, 30 /31 days a month, keep our guard up from this day forward until the trumpet sounds. A spirit of Deception entered the church. A separation is coming. Separate chaff from the wheat. Chaff (wicked Ė also the hypocrites of the Church Ė not living and doing the will of God. Mt 7:21-23)

Luke 6:46 Practice what you preach.


  1. Be ye doers of the Word of God. Luke 3:24. Strive to enter in. Strive- to contend, labor fervently. Mt 11:12

Get violent donít let the devil have one inch. Mat 24:45, 46.


  1. To clothe ourselves with the garments of holiness and righteousness. Rev 16:15, 2Peter 3:10-14


  1. Set a watch that you donít have to be overburdened with the cares of this life. What youíre going through to get your defenses down, unencumbered. Luke 21:24-36.



Receiving Christ is the first step if you stop there and do not grow then Christ is not born in you. Set a watch that you may be encountered worthy to escape all these things which are going to come to pass.

Luke 21:36 PRAY ALWAYS.


Five Reasons Why you must set a watch:


1.    You would not be unprepared

2.    You would not be entangled with the cares of this life.

You cannot be busy in this watch and be taken up in this world.

3.    You wouldnít be deceived: when God put him out of heaven: He has declared War on the church.

4.    Prepared to face the outcome during these coming crises.

5.    Escape the judgments and stand before Christ in His coming.


Luke 21:46. Watch therefore and pray always.

God has called the church to watch and intensify your prayers, it s a matter of spiritual survival.





Key Text: Isaiah 59: 16-17; Isaiah 64: 6-7; John 4: 24; Ezekiel 22: 29-31; 2 Chron. 7:14; Mt. 26:41.


Every great man of God in the Bible was an intercessor. Examples are as follows: Abraham, Moses, Ester, Joshua & David.

          God wondered why? Sin, hard work and the flesh is weak. We need to discipline our flesh by paying the price - behind the CURTAIN-MINISTRY.

          Intercession is unselfish work - Jesus lived to intercede for us and he has made this his personal ministry today. It is Ministry of Spiritual warfare, as long as you are prayerless, you are careless.

The enemy is out to destroy our prayer life.

          Communication must flow from the Chief Commander to hear what the Lord of Hosts is directing you to do.

When you donít pray, God sees it as evil.


The Gates of Hell


Possessing the gates of our enemy. Mt. 16:18.

Princes plan their strategies, headquarters of Kings and Princes. Jer. 39: 3, 1 kings 22: 10;

          Kings and princes meet at the gate; Gen. 22:17; Gal. 3:29; Promise God made to Abraham is ours to take.

If we as a people of war take out the Princes and quit fighting the demons on the earth we will see great and mighty victories in Jesus Name.

          Speak to the Princes in the North, south, East and west. Isaiah 43: 5-6.Command the gates to loose our families, release them in Jesus Name;  hold back not and Command him to loose in Jesus Name.

At the gates, they strategize to attack and oppress, we must address the Spirits and pull down the works of the enemy.

          Whenever we allow sin to spread, we open the gates of the City and the Spirits will have free reign.

Psalms 24: 7, Righteous people can be gates to heaven. A righteous King would destroy all satanic groves and open up the gates of righteousness.

          Banners Ė open the heavens in the spirit and release Godís Glory.

Ruler Spirits: Territorial Spirits Ė cannot leave their territory, they must stay in their locality until the battle is won.

          Resistance to the Gospel is as strong as the demonic spirits. 2 Cor. 4:4. Take out the chiefs and all the rest will follow.

          Deut. 32:8-9 God had assigned a Supervising Angel over Israel. If the people donít pray, the ruler of the Spirits will be turned to the Gates of Hell.

Josh. 24:14, Jude 3:7: Principalities can seduce us as in Jer. 50:2.


You are Godís battle axe and weapons of war in the nations. A believer unified through prayer will dethrone demons and demonic powers in Jesus name.



1. It is time for you to stop forfeiting Godís promises.

2. Stake out Spiritual territory: this belongs to God, the enemy canít take control. (Gal. 3: 16). Satan has no right in my territory.

3. Every prayer is before God and he has not forgotten you.



Fasting as a Weapon to Change the Spiritual Destiny of Nations

 The most powerful weapon God has given us is the weapon of Fasting, which is essential as a soldier in the army of God. Through fasting we bring our carnal appetites to submit to Godís will.

 Fasting can deliver entire nations from the hands of the enemy and turn them towards God. Men have changed the mind of God and averted divine judgement through fasting. Fasting is important for divine revelations, to know Godís will, for Jesus Himself fasted for forty days. He ate nothing for forty days consecrating and setting Himself apart to do Godís work. Through fasting Jesus humbled Himself and acknowledged that He totally depended on God for His strength thereby gaining the power to defeat the enemy.

 The Old Testament showed that the Jews fasted to commemorate major events. In the New Testament when Jesus was questioned about fasting He said while He, the bridegroom, was with them it was not the time for fasting. There would be a time when the bridegroom will be taken from them and there would be a time for mourning and fasting.

 Jesus has been crucified and raised from the dead and as the end-time is near it is time for fasting to prepare for the Lordís return. When we fast and our prayer becomes stronger; we are able to break through barriers and claim victory.

 God is calling us to blow the trumpet in Zion and sanctify a fast. We have to set aside time for fasting when we call a solemn assembly. We need to fast so that we will be consecrate to do the Lordís work in humility and obedience.

 In the Old Testament the Jews tore their garments and wore sackcloths and sprinkled ashes on their heads as an outward sign of mourning. God however wants us to turn to Him with all our hearts. Fasting not only involves not eating, it also involves humbling ourselves before God: a genuine repentance for our sins. It involves a turning away from all wicked and evil ways, everything that displeases God. As we prepare for His coming we must set aside times for fasting where we will weep, cry out and travail before the Lord seeking forgiveness for our sins. God wants to bring us to a place where the Spirit moves upon us to begin to fast, to weep and mourn for the sins of the church, our communities, our nations and the world.

 Fasting is a mighty weapon God has given us and is capable of changing His mind. It brings us into Godís presence in power and authority in a position where He has to hear us. When we fast and Godís will is revealed and we do His will through prayer and fasting God answers for He has promised us that what we ask in His name we will receive. Prayer and fasting can change destiny by changing Godís will. When you believe in God and fast you can change the configuration in the Spirit world. A good example where prayer and fasting changed Godís mind is the case of Ninevah, which was facing destruction, and the people mourned and fasted before God and God heard them and God repented of the evil He said He would do to them; and He did not do it.

Through fasting we can push back the enemy, turn around the battle and change the entire course of nations. Prayer can move the hand of God and with fasting it can become more powerful. When we look at the world today we can see the manifestation of the enemy by the immensity of all types of wickedness. The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah is even accepted in church today. God has already judged man and has sentenced him with Aids. Then only cure for Aids is repentance, mourning and man turning from his wicked ways.

 Judgement is coming on the earth. The end time is near, prophecy is being fulfilled. We have the mighty weapons of prayer and fasting, given to us by God Himself , to change events and move the mighty hand of God. With these weapons the church can turn around entire nations as we prepare for the Lordís return. We can be used by God to save multitudes from the end- time destruction. As a Global Prayer Strike Force member God has chosen you to intercede, to fast, to stand in the gap for the lost, for those who have never heard the Word, to bring in soldiers into His army.

 God has not given us defeats, He has given us mighty weapons of prayer and fasting to use for the destruction of the enemyís strongholds and to help change the destiny of nations by bringing them closer to Him. So, regardless of the circumstance, remember that communion with God allows you victory in Jesus name and prayer and fasting strengthens you to withstand the enemy. You will not be defeated when you pick up these two powerful weapons instead. You will be victorious in Jesusí name.

  09-11- 2005

The Master Key to Prayer

The most important ingredient to prayer is the relationship you have with Christ.

You must have an inseparable bond or fellowship with God. You must have a one on one contact, a direct link to the Father. The power of prayer is the result of the Holy Spirit living in you. God answers prayer, so prayer   must be spoken in faith. Prayer does not have to be long, or loud, or whether you are standing, kneeling or prostrating yourself, God hears. He moves on your behalf. There is no formula for prayer except honesty, sincerity and faith. The power of your prayer depends on your relationship with God.

 It is through an unbroken fellowship with God that we are able to pull down the enemyís strongholds, for the weapons of warfare are not the weapons of the world. We are able to demolish Satanís strongholds through prayer, our mighty spiritual weapon.

Prayer is activated when we cry out from the depths of our spirit done in honesty. It is activated when we realize God unlimited power and pray in faith through our intimate and close relationship with God. We need to pray simple and direct prayer in faith knowing that God will hear us and respond. We also need to listen and declare it like Elijah. When we pray as God directs, we pray in faith and obedience we must not pray in fear for God has spoken and he will answer our prayer. If when we pray there is no immediate answer, donít stop praying; instead persevere until you get the desired result.

 There is no formula for prayer; instead Godís power through prayer is released because of your relationship with Him. When you pray, pray in faith according to what God has directed, in the same way as Elijah did; and believe that God will do exactly what He said. Do not doubt. God has given us the power through prayer; so pray in faith because your answer will depend on the relationship you have with God.

 Throughout Jesusí life on earth with men He was in constant prayer. When He was baptized He began to pray; to commune with Godí to surrender to Godís plan totally so that Godís purpose in His life will be fulfilled. Through prayer Jesus was able to have constant communion with God. He would rise up early and go to a solitary place to pray. He would find a place where He could be alone with the Father. During this period of prayer Jesus maintained His close relationship with the Father. It is through prayer that we develop that intimate bond with our God.

 Jesus did nothing without His Father. It is what God taught Him that He speaks. He does as His Father commands. He acted on what was revealed to Him. How are things revealed to us? It is through prayer that God reveals things to us; just as He did to Jesus. Through prayer Jesus was able to see and hear in the spirit. Prayer also revealed Godís love, His mercy, His power, His will to save, heal and deliver and to set men free from Satanís power. As Jesus saw things in the spirit He did them. He was able to penetrate into the spirit through prayer, which was the foundation of Jesusí strength as a spiritual warrior. Knowing that God is with us, living in us we are equipped to deal with every situation, every attack of the enemy.

 In order for you to become a powerful spiritual warrior you must develop and maintain a position of oneness with Christ where you would see and hear in the spirit what God wants you to do and say. It is only through prayer that you can grow and know Christ and see and hear what He wants you to do.

 As a member of the Global Prayer Strike Force you have to commit your life to Christ, strengthen your relationship with him, discipline your life and set aside consistent times of prayer alone with Him; where you allow Him to reveal Himself to you. Unless you have that strong foundation of knowing Christ through prayer you will not be able to use the other spiritual weapons of warfare that God has given. Make your prayer in earnest, seeking his face, hungering for Him to reveal Himself and most of all increase your prayer time. As you do this you will be strengthened; prepared to face any attack of the enemy for Christ will manifest Himself to you and you will be able to do the same works that He did.

   04 -12 -2005


 Prayer Principle/God Answers Prayers

Luke 18:1 says ďAnd he spake a parable unto them to pray this end, that men ought always to pray, and not faint.Ē

In Psalm 27:8 the Psalmist David said ďWhen thou saidest seek thy face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek.Ē

 From the above scripture we know that God wants us to seek Him for in Thessalonians 5:16 Paul said to ďpray without ceasingĒ and He will listen to our supplications and answer our prayers.


How Should We Pray?

By lifting up holy hands unto the Lord.

 ō      Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto GodĒ Philippians 4:6

 ō      I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands without wrath and doubting.Ē  1 Timothy 2:8

ō   Pray with forgiveness. Forgiveness for those who have hurt us. Mark 11:25-26 says ď And when ye stand praying, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses.Ē

                 According to the will of God. How do you know it is Godís will?


 ō      We need to develop a close relationship with Christ so that we will recognize His voice and seek Him first so that when we pray we will do as He Himself did,Ē Öhe withdrew himself into the wilderness and prayed.Ē  Luke 5:16  Here Jesus sought the will of the Father before He ministered, so He knew exactly what God wanted Him to do.

 ō      ďIf ye abide in me, and my words abide in you ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.Ē John 15: 7

      Pray in faith. 

 ō      ďAnd all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receiveĒ Matthew 21; 22

 Pray in Jesusí name.

 ō      ďAnd whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in thee Son. If ye ask anything in my name, I will do it.  John 14:13-14

If in doubt concerning how to pray, or if you feel that you donít know then look at how David prayed in the Psalms. See Psalms 2 onwards

 Give God thanks

 ō      We should not only ask, but also give God thanks before the physical evidence is manifested.

ďUnto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare.Ē Psalm 75:1

6 Power Covenant Prayer Keys

God has made promises through His covenant wit us. These promises are revealed through prayer and are:

  1.       Ask in faith believing

  2.       Persevere in your prayers

  3.      Remain in close communion and fellowship with Christ

  4.       Obey and do His will

  5.       Ask according to his will

  6.       Walk in forgiveness

 Ask in faith believing

 When you come to God in prayer know that he hears you and believe that He will answer your prayer and give you what you want. Build your faith, do not doubt. If you are doubtful get rid of it. When you doubt God you do Him an injustice for He is a faithful God who keeps and fulfills His covenant. When you prostrate yourself in prayer do so boldly with the full assurance that you will receive. Believe that you will receive. True faith means prophesying what you know God will do before actually seeing the result. Do not doubt. God will never let you down, for our God wants to bless us, His children.

 Persevere in your prayers

 Persevering means not giving up. If you do not see the manifestation of answered prayer; it may be because the enemy is attacking. Persevere do not feel that God has not heard you. Remember He has heard you the first time, but obstacles from the enemyís camp surface to prevent    the deliverance of answered prayers. God does not shut His door on His children; so do not doubt and do not give up. It is important to persist. God will answer.

 Remain in close communion and fellowship with Christ

 The master key to prayer is your relationship and fellowship with God. When your relationship with Christ is neglected, and the word is neglected your prayer will go unanswered. Jesus wants us to abide in Him and if we do that we will strengthen that bond. We need to have Jesus with us wherever we may go. Spend time with Him in prayer. Listen to His voice and allow Him to reveal Himself to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the Word and to reveal more of Christ to you. The word must not only be in your head, it needs to be lived. When you pray do so according to His will that was revealed to you, instead of praying in the natural. When the word is within you the power of God will for you.

 Obey and do His will

 Do things that are pleasing to God. Disobedience or unconfessed sin cuts off our line of communication with God. God wants to meet our every need. He wants to pour out his blessings on us. However if we do not obey His will and walk contrary to His will and divine revelation He will not hear us. We cannot have a sinful nature and expect God to hear us. When we walk in disobedience we are limited, and God cannot truly bless us. However a clean, pure heart gives us the power, the authority and the confidence to know that God hears us and will do what we ask. A pure heart also gives us the knowledge that God that God is listening and waiting to answer our prayers and in so doing meet our needs. It is important to have a humble spirit, a repentant spirit so that we will be forgiven of our sins and God will hear us.

 Ask according to His will

 Jesus said ask and it shall be given unto you. We cannot just ask though, we need to ask according to His will. When you ask come boldly into His presence knowing that He heard you and will give what is asked in prayer. Do not doubt, have confidence that Jesus, our High Priest- Intercessor will give us our victory. We know that through the shedding of the blood on Calvary we attained our victory. Believe that God will answer your prayer even if the situation seems hopeless or impossible. The Word of God tells us that if we ask according to His will He hears us; therefore ask for things that are according to His word. Sometimes we ask for things and do not get them; it may be that we are asking with the wrong motive. Do not ask selfishly nor carnally but ask according to what God wants; things that will bring glory and honor to His name. Pray according to what He has promised us so that His name will be glorified. Pray what the Lord will, not what you will. Only if Christ lives in you will you know what to pray. If the situations are so bad that you do not know what to pray and Christ dwells in you then the Holy Spirit will intercede with groanings that cannot be uttered by the will of God; for the Holy Spirit is intervening. When we pray through the Holy Spirit, in tongues, our spirit is in direct communion with our Father. Our prayers then are in Godís perfect will. As the Holy Spirit prays through you, even though you may not understand your spirit will be strengthened and edified. You will know your needs have been met.

 Walk in forgiveness

 As a member of the Global prayer Strike Force we must be willing to forgive others. Being a prayer intercessor God will use you to impact upon your city and nation for Him. He will use you for His honor and glory. Do not hold back the power of God. Do not allow Satan to keep you from receiving His blessed anointing. Let God take control.

Ask for forgiveness, be pure and clean. Do not carry burdens. Release them into the Saviorís hands. Place yourself in His bosom for God will use you mightily. If you do not forgive others, then God cannot forgive you nor use you. In the Lordís Prayer Jesus sought forgiveness.

 To have that boundless power we have to be able to forgive. Our hearts must be compassionate; we need to identify with others. We must meet them at the point of their needs. When we are treated unfairly or wronged we must guard against unforgiveness. We must pray instead of becoming bitter. When we walk in forgiveness God will forgive us. We can then come boldly before Godís presence and know with confidence that our prayers will be answered.

 These six power covenant prayer keys will enable you to experience the victory that Christ won on the cross at Calvary. Your walk with God will be closer as you walk in communion with him and so Christ, the High priest Ė Intercessor, your prayers will be answered.

 As a member of the Global Prayer Strike Force come to God with fasting and intercession and turn away from things that are displeasing to God. When you fast and pray; be bold; enter into His presence boldly through the blood of Jesus. Go deep into the spirit realm and bind the powers of the enemy that may come up against your family, loved ones and those around us. Unite with the other members in prayer and pull down Satanís strongholds as soon as they identified. Let God use you to stand in the gap so that nations will be spared and Godís power will be revealed.



Prayer Command Centres

 Prayer Command Centres allow Christians to take the prayer responsibilities for their families and their local churches, community and government, for the mission to the entire world outreach programme and the Lordís return.

God has given us a prophetic directive. He wants us to reap. We will have to answer, we will have to stand before God in prayer for the people, our families, our workplaces, our communities and our nations. The Prayer Command Centre therefore has the responsibility to mobilize Christians to accept this prayer responsibility. God wants us to see the number of people who wants to come into His kingdom. He wants us to bring His will into this earth, for nothing in the secular world can do it.

 The church was never meant to limit Godís presence. When Jesus rose from the dead the church got the key to open prison doors and set the captives free. Whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you shall loose in earth shall be loosed in heaven. God wants to use us through the anointing of the Holy Spirit to minister to the needs of the people around you and to see His will accomplished.

 God is calling us, His family to pray; to intervene. As the family of God we have the responsibility to pray and intervene for all people. You must be the one to intervene for your family. In your workplace you have to intervene, you have to connect your co-workers with God and seek answers for their challenges and conflicts. The main purpose of the Prayer Command Centre is to mobilize Christians to accept their prayer responsibility.

 A Prayer Command Centre consists of six to twelve who gather on a weekly basis to pray for their own lives, for their families, local churches, communities, governments and for the nations of the world. Each prayer session is between thirty minutes to an hour.

 The Prayer Command Centre is a place of prayer. The members of a Prayer Command Centre take the responsibility for God to move on other peopleís behalf, to commit people into Godís hands and believe for breakthroughs and answered prayers; for we serve a God who is more than able. All He is looking for is someone who will respond to His ability to fulfill in any circumstance. Each center must pray for Godís will to be accomplished, pray for an impenetrable barrier against the forces of the enemy and for the protection of Godís people.


To work as a team to send missiles into the enemyís camp, to see the kingdom of God affecting the earth, to connect other people to God for answers, for God to intervene in our personal lives and those of other people, to stand in the gap for God to reach those unreached people of the world, to raise a prayer covering for members of the Global Prayer Strike Force, to break bonds of oppression, to cover Br. and Sr. Cerullo and the entire Mission To All The World Team with consistent prayer.

 The major function is to pray, not preach nor teach. It is through prayer that we are taking command. We are standing in the gap, putting up a hedge and seeing the difference.

Remember you are not standing alone; there are millions of people who will stand in prayer with you. They will not let up until they see the breakthrough you need.


                        Prayer Command Centres should be established in homes, like in the early church that broke bread from house to house. In schools, students need to meet together to pray and bind spirits stirring up hatred and other destructive forces. In communities, where people pray on street corners, agreeing in prayer to break down drug dens etc. As a member of the Global Prayer Strike Force you need to establish a Prayer Command Centre in your home.

     05 12 2005



 Three major phases of intercession are:

v     Identification

v     Self- sacrifice

v     Power and authority

 An intercessor is a person who stands in the gap; praying, petitioning or pleading on behalf of others as well as entire nations.


 In order to intercede for someone we must first identify with that person. We must them at the point of their need. We must be able to take their burdens upon ourselves, feel their pain and sorrow and take their needs before the Father as if it were our own; in the same way that Jesus identified with man, becoming like man in flesh and blood. As a man Jesus felt pain, sorrow and infirmities so that he became identified with man.

 If we are unable to identify with someone we will be unable to pray effectively for him or her. We must not utter vain words for that is not true intercession and God will not answer our petitions. We must be willing to identify with the lost, the homeless, the destitute, and other forms of human bondage by the powers of darkness. We must be able to feel their infirmities, their pain, and their sorrow and feel compassion for them. By doing so we will be able to truly stand tin the gap for them and effectively move the hand of God on their behalf.

 Jesus as our High Priest- Intercessor has sat where we sit. He became man, He suffered, He was tempted and He who knew no sin became sin for us. As an intercessor He gained supreme power and authority over all things and is the substitute for a sinful world.

 True intercession involves putting aside your own life for others. It also involves identifying with the person being prayed for to bring him into Godís presence.


 We must be willing to put others first, to sacrifice ourselves through prayer and fasting for the needs of others. Only through self-sacrifice will the Holy Spirit be released, to flow through so that Godís intercessory work will be fulfilled. It is the Holy Spirit who lays the burden of others in our hearts and calls us to intercede. Only if we are dead to our own desires would He flow freely and intercede through us. The more we die to our own desires the more God is able to intercede through us, for it is through the intercessor who lives in us, Jesus, that we are able to intercede for others.

 It is only when we give ourselves completely to the will of God that we would be able to intercede freely for there is no limit to the powers of intercession. God will pray through us. As we pray in tongues the Holy Spirit begins to travail and make intercession with groanings. Praying in tongues means building faith for the Holy Spirit is released within us to strengthen us in our time of need. Remember when we face difficult situations the Holy Spirit is there, waiting to intercede, to release his power to overcome every trial.

 Power and authority

 Through intercession, identification, obedience and full surrender to Godís will Jesus was able to gain supreme power and authority. In the same way through self-sacrifice and allowing the Holy Spirit to have full control to pray through us we enter into that realm of power and authority that is ours in Jesusí name. We have attained that powerful spiritual position through intercession where we are able to speak to the mountains and would be removed. We have gained that power and authority from God; for what is done is done in Jesusí name.

 We first pray about the situation and God will reveal to us; the battle is first won through prayer and intercession. The Holy Spirit is the one who takes us to that place of power and authority when we present our bodies as a living sacrifice unto Him. Through this power and authority we are able to intercede on behalf of our families and unsaved loved ones, the lost and desperate needs of our cities and boldly take possession of what God has provided for us.

 The role of the intercessor is therefore a high and holy calling. In the same way Jesus made intercession through His life and death, you have been called to intercede and reconcile man to God.

 Through the Holy Spirit, the intercessor is made a priest, a royal priesthood. As a member of the Global Prayer Strike Force God has called you to present the needs of those around you; believing that you receive, interceding and trusting that He will save, heal, deliver and break Satanís strongholds.

 An intercessor has to be a role model. Your actions, your words, have to be exemplary for you will be fasting and praying, standing in the gap, interceding for nations and not only people. Godís Holy Spirit is waiting to be released; the anointing will flow on Godís people as we bring people into Godís kingdom.

   05 12 2005


Blow the Trumpet in Zion - Call a Solemn Assembly

 As a member of the Global Prayer Strike Force God is calling us to intensify our prayer, to take it to higher level than before since it is a matter of survival. With this intensification of prayer we will not be defeated but will be living in victory with our Lord.

 We are living in the end time hour and unless we realize the importance and urgency of the time we are living in we will not be prepared and will not be able to intercede in power and authority.

 The end time means a time of great excitement and rejoicing at the Lordís return, for the saints. It also means a time of great fasting, mourning, travailing and weeping before the Lord. We need to ďBlow the trumpet in ZionĒ according to the Prophet Joel for the day of the Lordís return is near. Blow the trumpet signifies calling Godís people together to fast and pray intensely for on that day the Lord will separate the righteous from the unrighteous. Godís wrath will be poured upon the earth, Christ will return to the Mount of Olives and there will be a great earthquake when Jesus will gather the nations of the earth for the Battle of Armageddon. For the saints this will mean a time of great rejoicing but for the repentant it will mean a time of great travail and mourning. In fact the whole earth will be in travail, with intense pain as a woman in travail before giving birth because God will punish the evil, wicked world for its evil and iniquity.

 God will pour out intense destruction on the wicked as Christ returns with the armies of heaven. Blood will flow as high as a horseís bridle for approximately 200 miles during the Battle of Armageddon. Sores will break out on those who bear the mark of the beast, the sea will turn to blood like a dead man and everything in it will die; the waters of the earth will turn to blood, man on earth will be scorched by the fiery heat of the sun, darkness will settle on the land dominated by the Anti-Christ, the Euphrates river will dry up; hail weighing 100 pounds will fall on the wicked. Millions of people will face these awful judgements and eternity in hell unless we warn them. This end time message should motivate Godís people to prayer.

 God does not want us to sit back, nor get caught up with the world so that we would fail to see Christís coming, fail to prepare and fail to warn those around us before it is too late. Our duty then is to ĎSound the Alarmí throughout the earth and gather the intercessors who will ďBlow the trumpet.Ē The sound of the trumpet does not mean rejoicing but it signifies calling together a Ďsolemn assembly.í  An assembly of people, intercessors who will intercede on behalf of the inhabitants of the earth. When the trumpet is blown every person has to be present, no one should be absent.

Instead of praise and worship there should be passionate cries for mercy, the cries of the people as they repent for their sins; and the cries of the intercessors as they cry out unto the Lord to spare His people.

 As the prophecy of the Lordís return is fulfilled God expects us to take our positions, which is on our face before Him weeping, travailing and interceding. God is calling His people to repent first, then to intercede. God is calling His church to lead the people of God in confession and cleansing of their sinful nature. To do this we have to humble ourselves in fasting and prayer, confessing and turning away from our sins. In order to intercede truthfully we have to be washed clean first.

 After the church body is sanctified they have to call the people of God to fast and pray. Christians must come together for a Ďsolemn assembly.í A solemn assembly involves specific time set aside for fasting, travailing, weeping and mourning for the sins of the people. However there should also be times for rejoicing and praise, but more time should be set aside for deep intercessory intervention. We need to cry out to the Lord to spare His people through prayer and repentance.

 When the body of Christ, the church, unites in prayer the Lord will hear in heaven and forgive and forgive and heal our land. There will be rejoicing, restoration, and blessing. It is therefore important to establish Prayer Command Centres in your homes to pray so that Godís power will be released to bring healing and restoration. As intercessors we must penetrate deep into the spirit realm in times of prayer and fast for those bound by the forces of darkness. 

God has called us to stand in the gap, to intercede for the lost people. He is looking for intercessors to pray and petition on behalf of someone else. He wants people who would pray, mourn, weep and travail and wait before Him, and however will not give up until the work has been done. We must be willing to stand in the gap for people as well as nations. Intercession involves every person. Every child of God has been called to intercede and reconcile men to God just as Jesus interceded for through His life and death.

God wants us to be intercessors not only through intercessory prayer but also through our actions, our life and our words. We have to pray, hear what God is saying, respond to how the Lord directs, and do not wait, for Satan strategy is to stop us from praying. We need to resist every attempt of the enemy to stop us from praying, from interceding and we need to believe that as we pray we will impact on entire nations and millions will be won into the kingdom of God.

   05 12 2005


 We Must Set an End Time Watch in Prayer

With the end time so close and as we prepare for the coming of the Lord we have to set a watch in prayer. God has revealed the lateness of the hour and what is coming upon the earth and is now directing the Body of Christ to set a watch in prayer. This is not something optional. He requires us to do it. Failing to obey the Spirit of God will only result in heartache and defeat. When Jesus revealed the signs of the end time He said watch and pray. These signs are wars, earthquakes, and famines upon the earth. Many people are seeing the signs but are not preparing themselves.

 Even though the signs are here we must not focus on them. Our focus must be on the on the coming of the Lord. We must be preparing ourselves for his coming. Nothing can prevent the end time events. E does not know the day or the hour, but these signs signify the return of Christ. He is at the door waiting on the angels to signal His return. The signals are there we must therefore do as commanded and watch, set a watch in prayer looking for and expecting something to happen. Even before His betrayal and crucifixion Jesus commanded His disciples to watch. He also said to open your eyes see that His coming is near and heed His voice, His warning, and arise, watch and prepare.

 To set a prayer watch you must be awake and keep yourself awake. We must forget our own needs and do the will of God. Some Christians are so internal in their outlook that they do not see the sin and pain and suffering around them. They do not spend time in the Word of God. Jesus said to the seven churches be watchful else He comes as a thief in the night and you do not know. We need to be ready for His coming will be sudden, unexpected, without warning. Jesusí coming will be quick for He said, ď I will come into thee quickly.Ē We must therefore be awake and watchful so that we will not be caught off guard.

 We need to be awake and watch for Jesus may come and we will not even know. We who are spiritually asleep, who are unprepared will be caught unawares. To those who are watching, He will not be as a thief. Their eyes will not be in spiritual darkness. God has lifted the veil of darkness from their eyes and revealed the end time plan. We have seen the signs, the crises and now we have to make that decision to set an end time watch in prayer.

 When we have set that prayer watch we have to be constantly on guard. As a member of the Global Prayer Strike Force you must be constantly on guard, you must be spiritually alert. You must be on guard and look for signs of the enemy. You must not let your guard down for anything. Many Christians believe that so long as they said the sinnerís prayer, they read the Word, pay their tithes and give offerings that they are ready for Christís return. This is not true. When Christ returns there will be many professing Christians who will not be able to enter Godís kingdom of heaven. There will be a separation of the chaff from the wheat. The chaff is those Christians who are not living according to the Word and are not doing Godís will.

 Those Christians who do not do the will of God are like a house without a foundation and will be destroyed when the storms come. They will not be able to enter into heaven. Jesus said, ďStrive to enter in at the strait gate.Ē Today is the day; do not put it off, when we must spiritually strive and obey Godís voice. So that when the command is given to gather His elect we will be prepared and waiting for once that door is closed Jesus will not let us enter anymore, for He will say I know you not.

 Jesus will reward those who are watching, prepared and doing His will. He will put them in charge of all His possessions. The only way to be prepared is through prayer. We, as believers, must be in constant readiness because if we fail we would be like the unbelievers and those professing to be believers and end up being left after the door is shut. In order for us to be in this constant state of readiness we must set a watch in prayer clothed with the garments of holiness and righteousness. We must also be diligent for if Jesus comes as a thief in the night and there is that final separation we must be ready in that we are faithful in doing His will and guarding ourselves so that nothing will hinder us from walking in holiness.

 Another way by which we can set an end time watch is by not becoming over-burdened with worldly cares. We need to strip ourselves of selfish pride and humble ourselves before God and allow Him to reveal to us anything that would hinder us from not being prepared for the Lordís return. We must not let the day to day affairs of this world blind us from becoming aware of the lateness of the hour. We must also not allow to become spiritually disabled. Our spiritual eyes and ears have to be alert at all times. If we are burdened with worldly affairs we will not be able to stand a faithful watch since the enemy will penetrate our defenses and bring our downfall. Therefore as members of the Global Prayer Strike Force we must not fall into the trap, we must be alert and watchful.

 Jesus said to watch and pray. Our purpose as intercessors and as Christians is

ō                  To be worthy to escape from this wicked, evil world.

ō                  To be able to stand before Christ at His appearing.

Escape does not mean an escape from the crises of this world but when the judgement of God is being poured upon the wicked we will be counted worthy to stand at Christís coming. We must set a watch in prayer so that we will be able to escape the judgement of God and also to stand at Christís coming acquitted, holy and pure.

 A prayer watch must be set up twenty-four hours a day. God is calling the church to pray round the clock, twenty-four hours a day. We must be in constant communion with God throughout the day. We must offer up prayer and thanksgiving on the job, at school, at home wherever we may be and in whatever we may be doing.

  Members of the Global Prayer Strike Force must fulfill this end time mandate. We must raise up a prayer covering over the world. A unified body in spirit is needed to lift up the needs of our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Our prayers must not be limited to those within our local churches but we must be aware of the needs of the Body of Christ in other parts of the world, God is looking for true warriors, with pure hearts, to stand in the gap for the members of the Body of Christ worldwide. Since God has revealed the lateness of the hour we must set our faces and go before God in prayer and fasting, confessing our sins, the sins of the church, our cities and our nations and pray for revival, repentance and restoration.

 We need to blow the trumpet and call the people to prayer for we are Godís people, called by God and living in the final countdown. Knowing this we also know that victory is ours therefore we know that we have to be responsible and be spiritually awakened. Watch, be alert and stand guard, do not fall into the enemyís hand by falling asleep. Do not sleep, watch, for the return of the Lord, Jesus Christ is near. Let the cry of the church be: Even so, come Lord Jesus.Ē

    06 12 2005


Penetrating Prayer that Pulls Down Satan's Strongholds

The battles we face in life are real; we wrestle against spiritual forces unseen forces of darkness; not flesh and blood. These forces are organized demonic forces: spirits of violence, confusion lust greed, hate, murder rebellion fear and perversion among others. These dark forces are everywhere waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting. Their objectives are:

 ß         To tear down and destroy all that is holy, pure all forms of morality and decency.

ß         To destroy governments, pervert justice and establish atheistic and immoral leaders.

ß         To discredit Christian leaders and weaken their Godly influence in our cities and countries by silencing their voices.

ß         To divide the Body of Christ. To get the church into strife and sidetracked from winning souls into Godís kingdom.

ß         To divide families, break up marriages, sow seeds of rebellion in the hearts of teenagers, to cause feelings of rejection, mistrust, bitterness and resentment.

ß         To destroy Christians by stealing their joy and destroying their confidence in God. To turn them away from God and cause them to sin.

ß         To stop you from growing in Christ. To stop you from praying and to hinder you from reading and studying the word and applying it to your life and to stop you from doing Godís will.

 These evil forces have embedded strongholds in our cities, communities and nations but no carnal weapons can destroy them for they are not carnal influences but are spiritual. The only power to destroy them and pull them down is the prayers of Godís people.

 When you think about the forces that are coming against you in your home, your community in your nation the situations may seem hopeless. You are confused and do not even know how to pray. Your finances may be attacked, debts are piling up, and money is insufficient. You may be attacked physically, your health is failing, you are discouraged, your world is caving in, you have been seeking Godís direction, you have wept, pleaded, cried out to the lord but it seems that your prayers are not being answered. You cry out how long will you hide your face O Lord. Remember Gob\d has not forsaken nor forgotten you. He heard you the very first moment you called upon Him. He heard you the first time but the powers and principalities have built a strong defense and [prevent you from receiving the answers to your prayers. Do not despair; persevere for God will come through for you.

 Before you get your breakthrough you need to penetrate deep into the spirit and break the barrier of the enemy. Pray and travail, wrestle and penetrate deep into the spirit for God will reveal to you the spirits, the powers and the root causes of the battles against your life. Your battle is not with things you can see, the carnal, the sicknesses, the financial, it is against the rulers of darkness who are at work, against principalities and powers in the spiritual realm. Behind every adversity there are spiritual forces that come against your prosperity. You have to tear down these strongholds the enemy has built but first you have to locate the enemy; these spiritual forces that are causing your problems. The only way to locate these forces is through prayer. Without prayer you will not be able to locate the enemy; nor recognize the enemy as a result you will not be able to defeat him.

 Defeating the enemy involves a frontal attack and penetration of the enemyís defenses. Prayer and fasting will locate and bind the enemy and pull down Satanís strongholds. Jesus was able to penetrate the enemyís camp through prayer and fasting and heal the sick, make the blind see, make the lame walk, loose the tongue of the dumb, cast out demons cleanse the lepers and raise the dead. Jesus did all these miraculous work but never prayed for the sick. He commanded, He used the word with power and authority and the work was done. Jesus had prayed before, the victory was already won in prayer. Jesus penetrated the enemyís defenses, penetrated Satanís territory and took authority over him. We have to do the same, pray and locate the enemy then command him to go in Jesus name.

 Jesus was able to penetrate the enemyís defenses through prayer. The great victories, the battles that He won were through prayer. They were won before He launched His frontal attack.  Every battle that was won was because of what God revealed to Him while in Godís presence through prayer. Before He went out to the frontline Jesus spent time with His Father. Prayer therefore is essential in recognizing the enemy so that you can launch your attack and win the battle.

  The prayer that is needed to penetrate the enemyís lines is not five to ten minutes of prayer. It is a deeper dimension of prayer. It involves travailing, agonizing and groaning before God. It involves engaging the enemy in one on one battle where we battle the powers, principalities and evil spirits that are at work without letting go until you have overcome their resistance and have broken their hold. This type of warfare is likened to a soldier on the battlefield. The soldier, whish is you, is fighting, struggling to overcome the enemyís resistance and there seem to be no escape. Before you can win this battle you must penetrate or breakthrough the enemyís lines and overcome the enemy.

 In your life there will be times when you will be times when you will face battles where the forces of darkness have built strongholds within your loved ones and they are bound by worldly pleasures. There may be times