God's results from the recent Apostolic/Prophetic Training Conference held in at IHOPE Ministries, Waterloo, Iowa July 9-14, 2007.  


Mike Peters, IHOPE Founder, blesses and welcomes Rohan.



Much individual healing, ministry and blessing took place including God's healing touch on this young lady's life and tongue.


Crowds of people -- of many backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities -- joined in to hear His Word proclaimed.



Conference Update: December 16th-21st 2006.

Nation: Barbados

Theme: Angelic Warfare & Prophetic Deliverance & Healing .

Missionaries Rohan Rambally, Hamenath Rambally, Ranu Mansingh.


        I would like to thank all the intercessors who were praying for me and the team who accompanied me (Hamenath Rambally {my brother} and Sis. Ranu Mansingh {a fellow sister in our local assembly Deliverance Tabernacle, Trinidad. W.I.} ).

        In this missionary journey to the nation of Barbados, we the local prayer command center decided to bless the nation with clothing, tracts, Prophetic Gospel music and finances.

However, we ended up with an extra suitcase which was extremely heavy. Before leaving to the airport, mom prayed a prophetic prayer that we would not have to pay for the extra luggage and that God will lift the weight off the scale. Thanks to my brother Daren Rambally for dropping us off at the airport.

        On December 16th. 2006,we arrived at Piarco International Airport at about 6.30 p.m., the woman at the counter asked us on which flight, I said the one which was connecting to London BWIA 900. Thank God for the favor of the Lord, we were asked for a weight check and the luggage which was very heavy supernaturally became very light on the scale and we were allowed with such an ease. Secondly, mom and Sis. Savitri blessed us with the departure tax and every thing with respect to the tickets was paid for in full by the hosting Church.

        On the aircraft, we got only two  forms for Customs and Declarations, however we needed three, again the Lord granted us divine favor to bring forth the extra suitcase from Trinidad with such an ease. Thank You Lord Jesus.

We were very blessed to stay at Sis. Annís home who hosted us with divine excellence and the best of Barbados cuisine .

        On Sunday 17th December 2006, I was invited by Pastor Hallam Harris of Apostolic Church of the West Indies, Saint Michaelís  to preach, and instead I asked Sis. Ranu Mansingh if she would share her miraculous testimony of her deliverance [see Tools to Share the Good news : Rhondaís Testimony].


Many women were delivered by the word of God out of this womanís mouth, it was truly powerful and blessed. She launched her testimony on tape and many ordered copies to play for friends and loved ones.

After which we prayed and prophesied as a team to the nation of Barbados.

        On the Sunday afternoon, I spoke to one of the CIAN ministers Pastor Mark White, the Conference initiated  with Prophetic Introductions by Pastor Rawle of Waverly Cot, New Testament, Saint George.

I prophesied to about 4 saints in the midst and went straight into the word of God concerning Warfare Angels.

        On Monday 18th December, 2006 a woman who I had prophesied over came and handed me the prophetic manifestation, her handsome baby boy to hold in my hand [see Testimonials - Charmaine Shepherd]. Thanks to brother Joseph Callender who bought a memory card for me for my digital camera, which I was blessed with by two special friends to take pictures of the Conference in the Church.

        On Tuesday 19th December, 2006, I thank the Lord I was able to call my friends in Iowa and to use brother Joseph Callenderís Internet and have lunch with him and prophesy over this blessed businessman.

I was blessed to be in the presence of Pastors Mark and Rochelle White, Pastors Harris & Pastor Evelyn Rawle.


Many prophetic words were released over individuals and were prayed over by myself and Sister Rhonda and Hamenath Rambally.

        On the Wednesday 20th December ,2006 , the last night of the Conference it was truly awesome ,many who were sick in body ,soul and spirit were made whole by the word of the Lord. Many were anointed, prophesied over and released into their end time destinies as they were released and activated to release their Angels. Prophetic words were released by Pastor/Prophet Harris to Sister Rhonda and myself which were accurate.

        On Thursday 21st December, 2006, myself, brother Hamenath, Sis. Rhonda (same as Ranu) received tokens of appreciation and were blessed by the Bajans mightily. Thank you again precious saints.

        I would again like to thank Pastor Evelyn Rawle (for hosting us in this Conference in your beautiful Church), Sis. Ann Spooner (for courtesies of accommodation), brother Omar (transport and willingness to be such a blessing to us), Pastor Harris (Prophetic Words), brother Joseph Callender for the three cases of Ensure he got for me and for the Ministryís Account he opened in Barbados for Kingdom Purposes. {You can feel free to bless the people of Barbados by contacting Brother Joseph Callender at (1) -(246) 262 8396/262-8407/243-0857}


I would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for his Angels who gave us favor again for overweight luggage in Grantley Adamís International, Barbados.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for divine favor in Trinidad Customs in spite of all the food and drinks and blessings we brought back in Jesus Name.

        Saints of the Most High God, thank you for the financial support, prayers and blessings you poured out both locally and internationally in Jesus Name to make this missionary trip a tremendous success. I give the Lord Jesus Christ all the honor, glory, power and praise in Jesus Name for all that he did through us as we obeyed the call of the Lord Jesus Christ to go.


Thank you, Lord Jesus.


Rohan Rambally