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(8/11/08) Hi Prophet Rohan, This is Donna and Francis Gervais from Palo Seco.  Just wanted to say how blessed we feel to have visited your Ministry.  The couple of times we came to the Prayer Command Centre was an awesome experience.  We think its very inspiring the way you teach and nurture those in your care.  Unfortunately, due to the distance and other circumstances we are unable to participate fully in the Ministry as we would like to.  Stay Blessed and we hope to see you sometime soon.

10/29/07: From Avis Wong, Guyana, South America: I was really blessed from your ministry and the team that came to Guyana October 25-27.  The women of God were tremendous especially Sis Savitri and Karen. Keep up the good works and please visit us soon. Please pray for me as I continue to pray for you and the team.

Hello Rohan from Gudrun Jungweber September 07. It has been quite a while now since I went to your conferences in Waterloo, IA. You and some others prayed for my neck, and the Lord healed me right away. I've waited now a while to see if the terrible neck pains would come back, but they have not.  I used to get up many mornings with terrible pain. I had several pillows I would position just right in hopes that my body and neck would line up just right, so that I'd wake up without pain.  Ever since you and others prayed for me, I have not had neck pain. I know you give your all in service to the Lord. God bless you and all the people involved in your ministry, and all the people you minister to. Thanks again.  

On Friday 08/10/07, I witnessed God speaking through Rohan. This “first-time” memory will forever be with me. I can't wait to see what God is going to do in my life and my family’s life next.  I LOVE YOU GOD!  and Thank you, Rohan. Deb Hampton, Waverly, IA