"If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you." John 15:7

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Use the form below to send us as much or as little information that you wish to share. We have a dedicated group of Christians throughout Trinidad, Guyana, the United States and the World committed to lifting up your needs before the throne of God.

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The link below will automatically generate an email to Rohan. Please include your first and last name, where you are located (city and country) and what your prayer request is. If you would like someone to contact you or if you want your prayer request to be passed along to the entire prayer chain, please let us know that. Your confidentiality will be protected throughout.

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And, we always like to hear how God has answered your needs. Let us know by clicking on the 'Testimonials' page and following the links.

You may feel like what you have is to share is too big even for God. Share it anyway. Or, maybe you feel what you have is too small. a lost remote control. Prayer helps.

Here's what Rohan prayed when he lost his phone charger. May it will bring you the kind of peace it brought him.



ďThe eyes of the Lord are in every place.Ē Prov. 15:3


Dear Lord, itís so wonderful to have You to count on for help whenever problems arise. You give me added strength to keep going, regardless of any situation that tries to get me down. Thereís a matter of great concern to me right now. And I reach out to you in prayer for Your divine guidance!


Some things of mine have disappeared! I canít find them anywhere. If they were stolen, please forgive the person who took them. And help me to do the same. I want to get my things back! They mean so much to me. May this person have a change of heart and return my items!


Itís possible, Lord, that I could have misplaced those things that are missing. If this is true, I pray you will lead me in the right direction to the place where I lost them.


May whatís happened be a valuable lesson to me. Yes, in the days ahead let me be even more careful about taking care of my possessions.


Iím very hopeful that You will answer my prayer and help me to find those missing articles of mine. Thank You in JESUS name. --Amen


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