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Beloved Friends,

Many people in the United States and around the world have asked me how they can be involved with the work of God in the Prayer Command Centre in Trinidad. Primarily, I ask them to pray.

While prayer is the number one thing that sustains us, some want to give financially to the efforts. Until recently, I had to turn away donations because it was awkward and not as automatic as I wanted it to be.

1. Orphanage and Prayer Command Centre. These funds are explicitly used for the orphanage of 32 children, the widows, prison ministry, hospital ministry, school ministry and Prayer Command Centre Ministry of Trinidad. 100% of your funds go to their care, feeding, housing and educational needs.

2. Ministry Expenses: This account will be used two ways. It will be a blessing not only for tickets and hotel expenditure, food and vehicle rental for ministers traveling into, within and from Trinidad.  But also any donations help us partner with other ministries like Gospel for Asia (K.P. Yohanan), and prayer networks that are associated with us, such as Breakthrough & Apostolic/Prophetic Ministries like Dr. Bill Hamon and Dr. Morris Cerullo.

Either donation category you feel led to will be greatly appreciated.  You can also divide it into two parts (but remember, the total should add up to 100%).

May God Bless You Mightily,

Rohan Rambally.

P. S. The Prayer Command Centre is registered by Trinidad's Board of Inland Revenue as a non-profit organization.

One can donate or contribute to the Global Prayer Command Centre by clicking the button below. Thank you!

Donations can also be made to the Wells Fargo Accounts : 8380682982 (Checking) AND 8380674583 (Savings) or at the Bank of America Account: 003347998323 (Checking).


Click here to view the Certificate of Incorporation for the Global Prayer Command Centre issued by the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Do you have questions for me?

Reach Prophet Rohan Rambally at:

Rohan Rambally

93 Perseverance Village

Couva, Trinidad, West Indies

or at e-mail:

or at



May God richly bless you.